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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats Worried About Careers

The very close vote on Cap and Tax in the House, showed the skittishness of many Democrats concerning their job futures. Congressmen in conservative districts were begging Caligula Pelosi for permission to vote against that horrendous energy bill, the costs of which will slide upward over time, adding thousands of dollars yearly to the expenses of American families as the programs are implemented.

Now a large coalition of Blue Dog Democrats has sent a letter to Obamanator requesting a slowdown on the health care legislation. They're resisting a vote on a new program which is not already paid for.

Recall that during the Debates with McCain, Obama promised to pay every dime of the health care costs in his program. He unfortunately has been borrowing to pay for his jaunts to New York, his Whitehouse cocktail parties, and his junkets abroad. So we know that this promise has as much meaning as his pledge to let us read every bill before passing them. He's not even letting CONGRESS read those bills.


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