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Monday, August 10, 2009

Response to David Axelrod

Pharmer received one of those emails from David Axelrod about the new healthcare propaganda at

Who wants Spam from Axelrod in the email box?
We have the Obama-media to keep us in the dark and feed us B.S.

So Here's the Reply to Axelrod:

Mr. Axelrod,

Since we've been reading HR 3200, we won't need your website. Seems that we are a helluva lot smarter than John Conyers, who announced that it was useless to read the bills, because he and two lawyers could not understand the content. Also, the members of congress on vacation are failing in their meetings with the voters because the legislators don't understand health care nor do they understand the legislation.

I don't think the people who pay the taxes are enthusiastic about funding the excesses of your party, their extra jets, their EXTRA junkets, their excessive personal opulence, their theft, their usurpation of power and their denial of our human rights. Take this information to the department of propaganda. This is the real problem, not your new fabricated "villain" the insurance companies.

See --- those without attention deficit, and even some who have this problem, realize that global warmng has morphed to climate change, and national health care has morphed to insurance reform. It's all garbage, and we don't trust the government anymore, because it lies, and steals too much.

I expect to become one of the unemployed health care professionals after the health-kill program is fully implemented, as I refuse to participate in killing any patient, at any stage of development. Your administration will have no place for me in your health-kill system. So it will be perfectly legal, and caused by yourselves, when I stop paying income tax. I better spell it out more plainly. The unemployed health care professionals will not have to pay income tax if they don't make any income. John Conyers wouldn't get that, but maybe you do. After all, it's about tax revenue.

What we know is that the tea parties and town halls had no violence until you brought your union goons to push elderly people around. This is only making voters angrier. Do you think that the military will be fully cooperative with a government attempt to shut us up? Perhaps the military of Honduras has provided the United States military with an example of adherence to their constitution.

Vladimir Putin must be laughing non-stop at the Obama administration and the United States.

Karen L Brauer MS, RPh <---- put me on your list of people opposing socialized medicine and bloated federal government. Forward to .


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