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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kevin McCullough at Townhall points out Obama's constant and inaccurate drum beat against the physicians whom he would need in his future health care plans. But he hasn't yet realized that the Hippocratic oath largely fell out of use a generation ago.

Pharmer wakes up another one as follows:

A generation after most medical schools have ceased using the Hippocratic Oath (it forbade abortion, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide)people are still making reference to it as though it remains the primary guiding principle of physicians.

While I wish the Hippocratic oath were still the primary guiding principle for physicians, and its spirit should be influencing all other health care professionals, there's a need to wake people up to the fact that its use has faded drastically. Please also note that participation in the brave new world of health care is not for those of us who would refuse to kill any patient, or assist in this killing.

We will be eliminated from the system. You will have to deal the kinds of practitioners which Obama has been envisioning for the public in order to sell his health care.

That being said, Mr. McCullough's article is good for pointing out Obama's factual errors in the matters of pricing and referral, and also that practitioners remain who would never take a kickback for referral even if they could. Yes, it is all about referrals, because the physicians who monitor the general, endocrine and renal status of the diabetic patient have Zero to do with the amputation surgeries.

Obama's abortionists receive much more than the usual amputation fee for their surgical procedures. They could be much more able to pay a referral fee, as well as the costs of lobbying their politicians.


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