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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rabbi Moline Apparently Had to Delete the Obama Quote

Sorry I got there too late for the screen shot of Rabbi Jack Moline's twitter page, but it was apparently seen by others.

Obama is mixing church and state, in a most un-Democrat way in his appeal to the Rabbis on his "health care transfiguration".

Rabbi Jack Moline twittered this Obama quote: "We are God's partners in matters of life and death," as reported by Ben Smith of the Politico..

Maybe you'll want to preserve a screen shot before Ben's column also gets scrubbed.

Obama without his teleprompter, reveals an inflated view of his mission on earth as the equal of God in authority over life and death. This is from the guy who thinks it's OK to kill babies after their born, by means of exposure.

Yes the word partners denotes a relationship of equals, Mr. "Orator". Your statement was Massively revealing to us of the danger you pose to all our lives.

I find the suggestion that any human is a "partner" of God in ANY capacity, to be theologically unsound to the extreme degree.

ADDED NOTE: to see the deleted tweets of Rabbi Jack Moline, go to TWELETED and put in his user name, jlm548. You'll see the Obama quote as the Rabbi heard it.


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