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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready for 2010? Arm Yourself with Real Information

Catholics are an important swing vote group in the U.S., which is predominantly liberal democrat on economic issues.

Obama appears to be carrying out his promise to Planned Parenthood to keep abortion at the heart of his health care program. This is expected to cost the Democrats the Catholic vote in the next election cycle.

The Media was quite effective in hiding Obama's abortion agenda from those who don't access the internet for news. This agenda was so radical, that the organizations with which Pharmer works were not able to convince people that it was for real. To most, it was Unbelievable. Thanks to these organizations for their continued persistence, and thanks to Bill Bennett for using his live time on CNN to push the facts into the mainstream media.

To exemplify the present media blackout: prior to this, the media used to cover the ethical controversies particularly during the summer when the news cycle was slow.
Summer of 2009??? Mainstream MEDIA BLACKOUT OF THE ABORTION ISSUE. There is also reduced coverage of Christian religious groups and their activities.

Our project is to persuade Americans to turn off their televisions, cancel the newspapers and take to the internet for their news. They have access to all news feeds there, and can construct their own personal mixture of sources.

Pharmer is still meeting people who are shocked to know what Tiller (murdered abortionist) did for a living, and about the post-birth abortions espoused and defended by Obama.

Do not let the State fed media control your access to information. Get your own internet news-feed. The easy and lazy way to start is to go to the bottom of Drudgereport and start picking newswires from around the world. Drag the links to your browser toolbar and read up! As you spend a little more time, you'll find sources which Drudge does not list, and further develop your own personal mix based on your areas of interest, and make your own news homepage.

"Feed your head".


Blogger M Hastings said...

During the elections, I was amazed at how many people were completely unaware of Obama's record in regards to partial-birth abortions. In fact, I ran across quite a few individuals who insisted that if babies were dying in hospitals like that, we would KNOW about it. I kept saying, 'look it up. There were senate bills to deal with the issue. Here's the link. Check it out. It's real.'

MSM is so in love with PBHO that they are willing to forgive and ignore just about anything. It's mind-boggling.

And with this healthcare reform issue, again, I keep having to clarify the facts about the role abortion, aka "women's reproductive healthcare" would play in the reform. Concerns over euthanasia seem to have gotten more press, at least, than abortion issues, but still, there seems to be a lot of, "Oh, that's just the crazy talking" out there and it's frustrating at times to have to make the same argument with 10 different people without ever allowing yourself to sound like a 'right-wing nutjob'...

I would encourage everyone, not only to use the internet as their news source, but to click on the links, to search the information, and to find multiple credible sources to back up those issues you consider most pressing. Because it's a lot harder to argue with sites that are known to simply report factual information than it is to argue with even

August 12, 2009 at 7:38 PM  

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