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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Representative Tom Price, speaks on Health Care Bill

Listen up to Representative Tom Price of Georgia address the congressional committee on HR 3200. This speech, prior to the recess, is not flaming oratory, but accurately expresses what we health care professionals know will be the result: health care shortage, and Dr. Price (a physician for 25 years) expresses........ The american people will be given the opportunity to STAND IN LINE.

Did you hear this speech?

Now listen up to this pharmacist one more time, The health care professionals are going to leave in droves when Obama-care passes. The ones who leave are those who cannot bring themselves to help kill their patients, as well as others who understand that they can't practice effectively within the government framework. This shortage will bring the agonizing lines of untreated patients, anger, loss of confidentiality, and breakdown of the trust between patient and caregivers.

I hear from Australians describing the health care in their locality.. As in Canada, the care and systems vary by state. The system has gone full circle. Docs are refusing the government health card which causes bundling and delay of payment. They're taking cash for initial visits.
Guess what that means to those without sufficient cash.


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