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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama-style 'death panel' for Veterans.

Seems that during the Clinton administration there was counseling for severely disabled veterans to concerning the end of life options. The literature distributed in this program "Your Life, your Choices" was geared towards the predetermined conclusion of helping the government save resources. In other words for the Veteran there was encouragement to give up on life.
The Bush administration found this to be inappropriate, and suspended the program.

With the Obama administration, this program is baaaaaack.
In the new edition, apparently the Hemlock society is the only group referenced as a resource in the area of advanced directives.

By the way, the Hemlock society has a new name, Compassion and Choices.

So, look to the cost containment efforts being imposed upon the disabled U.S. veterans to see what the Obama administration has in store for the rest of us.

People need to think twice about the attitude of this administration towards those who would give their lives for this country, before signing up for military service during the next three years.

Yes it's a 'death panel'. Encouraging the option of a faster death to a vulnerable person, who has suffered personal disasters and feels hopeless, brings the same result as directly refusing care.


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