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Friday, August 21, 2009

Has Sarah Thought About That?

It's "sophisticated" to make negative assumptions regarding the intelligence of Sarah Palin.
Despite my youthful demeanor (refusal to "grow up") I am old enough to know that this is a REWIND of the behavior of the elites towards Ronald Reagan, with his 150 IQ, who ended the Cold War, who wrote most of his own speeches, and needed no teleprompter.

I quote Reagan to the media and sophisticated elites: "THERE YOU GO AGAIN!"

Part and parcel of refusing to grow up is not wanting to see excessive rewind, reinventing of the wheel, and rehashing of activities and thoughts which are already proven to cause failure and human misery.

My mind is still that of a researcher. No information is turned away as useless. There's always something new to try, and some useful new idea.
I don't turn on oldies radio stations, even though I like a lot of old music. I turn on the stations which have new songs, and songs I never heard before in the mix. I listen to the music my kids hear, (while discouraging the really sick stuff).

So when asked if Sarah is thinking about this health care issue.........

Well, as Governor of a State, that was certainly an issue that would have had to cross her mind. DUH!!!!

And now she has the time to write about what she's seeing and thinking. Very nice combination of essays there. And she's noticed that there's NOTHING NEW in the health bills. Just the old payoff of the cronies, special interests lining up for favors, and feeding the tort lawyers at the expense of the sick (letting them die) and the taxpayers.

Sarah's NOTES

I am pushing for Sarah Palin because...... she is normal. She is to a large extent putting my thoughts into public view: 80 percent agreement, at least. Palin has the social skill to succeed and lead, which is why I promote her instead of running for office myself, (as quite a few have suggested).


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