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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hundreds of Thousands Clog the Washington Mall

The first morning coverage of the Pro-life March in Washington DC popped in from the Washington Times. Upwards of 200,000 attendees delivered the yearly reminder of America's most egregious human rights violation, combined with opposition to Obamacare.

This year's rally was shadowed by a virtual march online, with about 78,ooo participants as of 1/23/10 AM.

The new blog: visible and usable, but still being built.

We're Moving

Pharmer is a perpetual noob with waaaay too many interests.

Now the interest is in learning how to self host. The new domain is . After learning what to do, it is hoped that all links will be preserved, the feeds will redirect, the blog will redirect, and readers will still be able to find this cool conservative stuff and eeeeeeeeeevil humor.

The new host appears to be a free speech advocate, and Pharmer expects to prosper and grow readership.

There might be a hiatus from blogging while the transfer process is being learned and completed.

Thanks for your patience.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Scorned Mistress of Married Obama Adviser Posts Billboards Nationwide - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

Scorned Mistress of Married Obama Adviser Posts Billboards Nationwide - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

Escalating the Jerry Springer Life to new heights.

Pharmer also expects an uptick in drama and tabloid fodder in 2010, due to the political duress.

It's tempting to celebrate free speech with some new stock picks. :-)

BOGUS Medical News: Novel 'Morning-After' Pill Works for Five Days - in OB/Gyn, Pregnancy from MedPage Today

Medical News: Novel 'Morning-After' Pill Works for Five Days - in OB/Gyn, Pregnancy from MedPage Today

More ineffective birth control is being marketed to women in Europe. This new morning after pill, Ella One, containing ulipristal 30mg, is said to be useful for up to 120 hours (5 days) AFTER intercourse.

The study (1241 women) mentioned in this article indicates that ulipristal reduces the pregnancy rate from the expected 5.5 percent down to 2.1 percent.

In this study, the women who used the pill later after intercourse had lower pregnancy rates than the earlier users, though the differences among the groups were not statistically significant. If a larger study were to replicate this trend within statistical significance it would add more evidence for the pill's post fertilization effects. Those who understand the reproductive processes find it intuitively obvious that pills reducing pregnancy rate AFTER intercourse work to a significant degree by killing the embryo shortly after it is formed.

That ethical problem aside, women should be aware that a pill reducing the pregnancy rate from 5.5 percent to 2.1 percent should not be considered reliable.
The data here indicates that it fails to stop nearly 40 percent of the pregnancies, under study conditions with more education and oversight than usual circumstances.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Air America going down for the last time

After being saved in 2007 from financial ruin, the struggling Liberal talk radio network is now liquidating. Continued decline in ad sales (due to low listenership) is the main drain.

People don't go to Air America for their dose of talk radio. It's just too negative, and bad for the mood. If you follow that last link, you'll either get happy or blow a gasket.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Specter Tells Bachmann To Act Like A "Lady"

RealClearPolitics - Video - Specter Tells Bachmann To Act Like A "Lady"

Michelle Bachman, (whose adrenal glands put out more testosterone than many of the guys in congress are outputting from the usual endocrine source) was dissed by Sen Benedict Arnold Specter in an interview today. Specter doesn't like a gurl speaking out so forcefully, and told her it wasn't ladylike. The Politico has stored the interview, linked above.

Note to Sen. Specter....... we KNOW that prosperity won't be in, or supported, encouraged, or allowed by any of YOUR legislation!

Congress Needs a Break

because Pelosi no longer has the votes to gain house approval of the Senate bill.

She says that there's no need to hurry (ANYMORE) and it's time to pause and reflect.

Translation: Pelosi knows that the dems know that she's thrown them under the bus and they have not a prayer of continuing their current career if they pass that bill.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown pulls off historic upset - Alexander Burns -

Scott Brown pulls off historic upset - Alexander Burns -

There was a need to pull this quote from the politico article above:

Telling the crowd he received a phone call from President Obama, Brown alluded to his campaign ads featuring his pickup truck, which the president mocked in a campaign stop Sunday.

“When I spoke to the president, the first thing I said was, would you like me to drive the truck down to Washington so you can see it?” Brown said.

Read more:

What to Do when Plan B is Seen as Less Effective than Withdrawal?

Well, rehabilitate the withdrawal method of course! So check out this ABC article which cites studies to "show" that the withdrawal method is on par with condom use for efficacy in preventing pregnancy.

Obviously it won't help with other common problems.......

So with withdrawal rehabilitated to acceptability as a contraceptive method, then Plan B might still be thought of as "effective".

Or maybe getting both of these into common usage will sell a lot more abortions.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bad night in massachusetts? OBAMA has PANTS ON THE GROUND!

nice remix of General Larry Platt's new HIT. Check the youtube site itself. This song has multiple applications, and has become part of the celebratory language of the Teapartier victory in Massachusetts.

Let's hope Scott Brown remembers how he got there, and keeps an ear for the people or else he might develop the same condition as Obama.

Michael Moore Would have Survived because He's Well Insulated

But this is a sad story concerning Cuban socialized medicine. A group of at least 24 mental patients died of hypothermia at the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana.

They simply were not equipped to care for the patients during the recent cold snap that brought temps down to 38 degrees. Algore's global warming has turned deadly cold, and is more than this socialist government seems to be able to handle.

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Coakley just conceded to Brown on the Telephone

Says DRUDGE, who is always right about these election things.

Drudge calls 'em early and is very reliable.

At this time 9:24 EST, Brown 53% to Coakley 46%


UPDATE after all but three precincts are counted.

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A Population Increase in Russia for the First Time since 1995

and it's largely due to immigration. from countries of the former Soviet Union.

A 4% decline in mortality rate is credited with an assist.

Russia seeks to maintain a population of 145 million, but has difficulties with an abortion rate of 1.2 million compared to a birth rate of 1.4 million per year.

The performance of their own population keeps Russia below replacement rate.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some saw Coakley as lax on ’05 rape case - The Boston Globe

This Case is a Reason Coakley could even lose a few liberal votes.

Some saw Coakley as lax on ’05 rape case - The Boston Globe

Mommy Life: Brown v. Coakley in Massachusetts

Barbara Curtis covers the Coakley Brown race on her blog, Mommy Life. She notes that Obama drew a crowd of 1100, which indicates either a lack of preparation, or the condition of a fading star. Pharmer recommends wandering around Barbara's blog after you read this:

Mommy Life: Brown v. Coakley in Massachusetts

Pro-lifers Heckle Obama At Coakley Rally

Seems that the link between POTUS and TOTUS was disturbed for a good long while. Videos were found on Hot Air.

View of Obama

View of the Hecklers

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

RealClearPolitics - Video - Obama Heckled At Coakley Rally

RealClearPolitics - Video - Obama Heckled At Coakley Rally

It's getting a little different out there for Obama at his rallys.
Of course this one couldn't be planned well in advance with only the chosen followers invited to attend.

We Already Know This About Leftists

MSNBC's Schultz says he'd cheat to keep Scott Brown from winning the Massachusetts senate race against Martha Coakley..

Thoughts on Pat Robertson Saying Whatever Comes to Mind

Pharmer went to Mass and heard a priest reference the evangelist who attributed the earthquake to Haitians pact with devil in exchange for freedom from France. The priest contrasted the evangelist with God who is merciful (without knowing that in the same interview, the evangelist requested his listeners to pray for the Haitians and send aid, because they are suffering.)

Yours truly is always in the odd position... having to defend the actual faith of Catholicism to people who see the shortcomings of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, for example, while on the other hand, admonishing this priest (after mass)  and others to pay attention to what Pat Robertson actually DOES, though he is known to say politically incorrect things on occasion.
A search revealed   that Pat Robertson's idea about the origins of Haitian independence were not self generated. Whether an actual pact with the devil was involved could not be ascertained from this info. The idea comes from a Voodoo ceremony said to have marked a meeting of people fighting for Haitian freedom at Bois-Caïman near Cap-Haïtien. This idea is repeated by Haitians as well as Christian missionaries who have served in Haiti. Though the claim can't be established without doubt, we can be certain that Pat Robertson didn't make it up.
Also, in asking people to pray for Haitians, it certainly appears that Pat Robertson does NOT believe, a theory mentioned by Obama, that God has abandoned Haiti. -Proponents of the Voodoo = satanism origins of Haitian freedom. -This author doesn't like Clinton, Aristide, or voodoo. -This author is one who claims to have heard the story repeated by Pat Robertson from Haitians themselves.   (still looking for part 3)- This author does not agree with the devil pact theory.  It's worth checking back for it  later. And here's Obama;'s speech to the Haitians:

“I want to speak directly to the people of Haiti, you have suffered for a long time and to have to deal with this new disaster will make you wonder why God has abandoned Haiti. I’m going to tell you that we won’t forget you, we won’t abandon you. The United States are on your side, the world is, you’ve endured a history of slavery and your faith has been unwavering” 

Update: English version found and double checked by lip reading the video under the spanish translated one at

Finally, I want to speak directly to the people of Haiti. Few in the world have endured the hardships that you have known. Long before this tragedy, daily life itself was often a bitter struggle. And after suffering so much for so long, to face this new horror must cause some to look up and ask, have we somehow been forsaken?
To the people of Haiti, we say clearly, and with conviction, you will not be forsaken; you will not be forgotten. In this, your hour of greatest need, America stands with you. The world stands with you. We know that you are a strong and resilient people. You have endured a history of slavery and struggle, of natural disaster and recovery. And through it all, your spirit has been unbroken and your faith has been unwavering.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coakley obtains Obama aid

Martha Coakley, that Massachusetts Senate candidate who thinks Catholics shouldn't be permitted to work in hospital emergency rooms, has obtained the full backing and support of Obama, immediately after her expression of this sentiment. Obama intends to travel to Coakley's state on Sunday in order to bolster her effort against Republican Scott Brown.

Pharmer is happy to have assisted others in learning of Coakley's religious intolerance via submissions of this Washington times story and Ken Pittman to a number of well known venues of news and commentary.

This story also appeared on the Drudge Report, Jill Stanek's page, and was echoed by Rush Limbaugh on his Friday 1/15 radio show, among others. It is hoped that enough people heard of Coakley's views that Obama might need to address a question about it when he travels to Massachusetts in her support.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tie it all together

45% of physicians plan to retire early in the event of obamacare.

Insiders have told us that Planned Parenthood pushes its clinic directors to drum up abortion business.  Ask Abby Johnson, for example.

Plan B, certainly is good for bringing abortion business since it's less effective than the withdrawal method. (That's evident from the Plan B package insert.) WHAT A SCAM!

Catholic hospitals serve 16 percent of US patients, and as non profits, handle a good load of the indigent patients. Those hospitals are either going to have to abort or close

Coakley gave the public a window to see what's coming. Take a look.

Once health care providers are forced to provide abortions, women will be forced to have abortions, and this coercion will be even stronger than vaccine coercion.

Thanks Jill Stanek and Matt Drudge for putting up the Coakley interview.

NY congressman Anthony Weiner admits Govt run health care is not about access

Kieth Olberman used the tragedy of Haiti to sell Obama care.... but got an amazing admission from this NY congressman about U.S. health care.

Well, I think if we were to have a circumstance like this, we’d all rally around. And it's the same way, frankly, every single day, when people go into a hospital or an emergency room, there is some question asked, let me see your insurance card, but at the end of the day, we care for them. So we really don't have a discussion in this country whether or not we're going to have health care for everyone. We really do. The only question we're having now, and it seems almost silly, it's so petty, is how we’re going to distribute that health care, how we’re going to pay for it, how we’re going to make sure everyone has it at an affordable level...

It's not about access, government run health care is about CONTROL

Devout Catholics shouldn't work in Emergency Room says Coakley

This goes into the PHARMER TOLD YA SO FILE.... since conscience rights for health professionals has been my business for years and years.

The leftists do not have room for health care professionals who regard all human life with respect and who would not kill in their practice. In the event of Obamacare, most of us will be compelled to change careers, which will leave patients to deal with the other kind of health care provider.

Martha Coakley weighs in on the topic here.

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PACT WITH GAIA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

People are ragging on Pat Robertson for connecting the disasters of Haiti to a deal supposedly made between Haitians and the Devil in exchange for freedom from France. That Robertson and Company are praying for the Haitians and sending Aid seems not to have any bearing on the public opinion.

But Pharmer finds the Danny Glover theory, connecting failure of the Copenhagen talks to earthquakes to be really off the wall.

PACT WITH GAIA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

YUP, climate change causes earthquakes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Was She Wearing a Thong?

According to this Fox News Story, that's the question of the day.

We have the story of an irate mom attending a school board seminar addressing the topic of bullying. Someone at the middle school had pulled down her daughters sweat pants exposing her undies in front of other students. The mother was angry that this pervasive issue of "pantsing" at the school was not being given significant attention.

During the meeting the Superintendent Joseph Longo is said to have asked the mom if her daughter was wearing a thong.

Understandably, she became irate at the meeding, and after the meeting cussed at the school principal, Mr. Edward Bocar in the hallway.

If you think it was understandable for the mother to respond in anger to the situation and that question from the superintendent, and that she should not be facing criminal charges for cussing, you might wish to politely tell Mr. Luongo what you think of his rather strange question, and the issue of the mother being punished for an understandable reaction.

Notice that if you visit the Hasbrouck Heights middle school web page, you need a password to see the staff email addresses. But check out that front page full of vaccine info, because they're still trying to push that human papilloma virus vaccine to their underage girls.

Not to worry, an email addy was still able to be found:
HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO Joseph Luongo Superintendent
as were the phone numbers and address of the middle school.
so here you go:
Hasbrouck Heights Middle School
365 Boulevard
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
(201) 393-8190
And Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Joseph C. Luongo's numbers are
tel: 201-393-8145, and fax: 201-288-0289

Please be Nice and Easygoing as you tell the good superintendent that the charges against this mom are over the top, as was that intrusive question about the thong.

More details here:

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Bruce Lavallee-Davidson On Trial For Fatal Russian Roulette Game In Maine Sex Dungeon


Bruce Lavallee-Davidson On Trial For Fatal Russian Roulette Game In Maine Sex Dungeon

Unfortunately this won't stop these roulette practices.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He said, She said

It's always good to check out the stories side by side, concerning the reporter who went to ground while trying to cover a story on Massachusetts Dem  Martha Coakley.

She said: AP implies that the reporter stumbled on a sewer grate.

He said:  Coakley's aide shoved him to the ground., per the Boston Herald.

Based upon tea partier and pro-lifer experience, Pharmer is leaning towards what he said, but since both versions are here, you can decide for yourself.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Imbalance of the Sexes in China

There are reported to be 32 million more boys than girls in China under the age of 20, says this Discover article, citing the BMJ.

A milder appearing take  (which really cites the trouble guys of marrying age within 10 years) states that 24 million guys will be mateless AND dateless by 2020. 

Both versions cite the selective abortion practices in China as the main cause of this significant societal problem.

Rather than kidnapping women and girls  from other nations to fill the void in these men's lives, perhaps some consultation and education from our "safe schools czar", Kevin Jennings would fill the bill.*   Pharmer is certain that Kevin  has plenty of suggestions, as well as a little black book from GLSEN.

*sarcasm disclaimer for the clueless

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IRS commissioner doesn't file his own taxes - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

IRS commissioner doesn't file his own taxes - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Yep, the TAX CODE IS TOO COMPLEX for Douglas Shulman, so he has to use a tax preparer.

Meanwhile there's a move in his group to have competency requirements for tax preparers.


Something's wrong with this picture.

Why I Can’t Wait «

Walter Hoye: Why I Can’t Wait «

Pastor Walter Hoye has been willing to endure persecution for his belief in the sanctity of life.
For this reason, as well as the content of his writing, he is linked permanently on the blog sidebar.
Pastor Hoye's essay explains the magnitude and seriousness of the abortion-genocide of Black Americans.

Campus Progress -- libs are not satisfied with the health care plan

Obamacare is not pleasing to the  far leftist base, we learn from Campus Progress  (   Three million young people are being offered  health care in name only,  by the leftie standards.   In other words, those college students won't be offered yearly physicals.   They'll be getting catastrophic care only.   NO improvement at all, and in many cases of students who previously could  have coverage until age 25 on the parents policy, the coverage will be downgraded considerably. 

Yes, the libs at Campus Progress are displeased enough to fire out emails, encouraging their faithful to contact legislators to complain.  "Young people deserve more than insurance in name only", it says.

Sixty Minutes exhibits collective Palin Derangement Syndrome

In their segment on the hottest new Politics book, Game Change, CBS 60 Minutes failed to mention the hottest news........ the racially charged comment made by Harry Reid.
This omission has become a fairly big topic of conversation among those who bother to watch television. Our pals at, who wear rubber gowns and masks while dutifully monitoring the media for us, reveal the Sixty Minutes verdict regarding who has the most influence on American life.

Yes, that's right. The CBS spokesman told Fox News Correspondent Eric Shawn, that the 60 Minutes could not cover the Harry Reid comment in their story on Game Change. They had time only to cover the people who most affect thecountry.

Here is the 60 Minutes scorecard concerning who most affects Americans... based on the time allotted:

Clinton-- --1:30
Obama---- 0:58
Reid----------- 0

Enough said!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Is the Government Embezzling, or Underreporting Unemployment?

Read up at There's a nice analysis which shows that the government is paying out more money than is justifiable by the unemployment checks being doled out to the 9.5 million recipients which the Dept of Labor claims to be beneficiaries.

The actual total $ outlay $ is 35% in excess of the amount which would cover these unemployment claims. It is enough to pay 14 million recipients. So either there is considerable embezzling, or the actual number of unemployed being serviced by the government is far in excess of the claim we have been hearing.

Check this analysis out for yourself, and YOU decide if the government is stealing, or lying, or perhaps both!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can't Argue with the Logic

(given the premise).

Jewish Rabbis in Israel, arguing that abortion delays the redemption, support increased efforts to discourage abortion.

Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger pointed to the Book of Exodus account of midwives Pu'ah and Shifra, who feared God, and would not comply with orders of the Egyptian king to kill the male Jewish babies.

Local rabbis were encouraged to speak on this topic, and that the Halacha severely prohibits abortions, in this weekend's (1/9) Shabbat sermons at the time when the reading of Exodus begins.

Not to be unexpected were the usual protests and outcry from the pro abortion groups.

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How the Dems distinguished Obama from a Normal Black Guy

And got right behind him.

Remembering Biden who mentioned that Obama was so clean cut and articulate for a Black guy.

Now Reid is falling all over himself, apologizing for (accurately) noting Obama's light skin and absence of 'Negro dialect'.

Face it, Obama isn't culturally a Black American, (he's a stuffed shirt), nor does he share much else with most Black Americans. He was raised by White leftists, who swam in money, and that created for him a major identity crisis.

Obama shares next to no life experience with most of American Blacks, and it shows in his mannerisms, speech, outlook and beliefs. He's an elitist, and this is the main basis of his attractiveness to the Dems.

Please recall that we are dealing with the Democrats, a party that has steadfastly remained in line with Planned Parenthood's long running program of eliminating close to half of Black American babies through abortion. (Blacks aren't the only targeted minority.)

Expect more comments such as Biden's, Reid's and this one attributed to Bill Clinton: (a few years ago he would have been getting us coffee). It's only natural coming from Dems who will remain the most race conscious and exploitative political party.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 » The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations » The C-SPAN Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations

Drudge Report screams that Obama is now allowing C span only one hour of televised coverage of health care negotiations

Sounds like ANOTHER major broken promise to Pharmer.
Even some in the mainstream media appear to be noticing this one. Perhaps they grow weary of endlessly repeating the same few lines of praise to Obama. Some former journalists perhaps do not fit well in the role of worship leader.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mayo Clinic Arizona kicks out the Medicare patients

Obama finds Mayo Clinic to be the model of future health care, but this system is not able to operate on what the bankrupt GOVERNMENT Medicare system is paying for reimbursment, while maintaining compliance with the onerous government requirements of reporting.

This Glendale Arizona, primary care branch has jettisoned its Medicare patients unless they can pay cash up front to continue seeing their docs. That option, however, is only for those who can afford to foot the entire bill without Medicare reimbursement.

Mayo is assisting the other patients in finding other physicians who accept Medicare.

Australians tell Pharmer that they pay Cash up front to see the Doctor

Yes, that is one of the socialized medicine systems in which Government runs health care coverage. But the primary care docs are wanting Cash up front because the government coverage is not so good. This means that those Australians can see the doc when they have cash in hand.

If you visit this site..... and can read between the lines, you'll see corroboration that the Australians are putting cash up front, then submitting a claim to their government system electronically or manually. What the Australians say, and what the government site implies, but does not EXPLICITLY tell you, is that the patient is responsible for the difference. They don't get a full reimbursement. They DO have out of pocket medical expenses at the doctors office.

What Medicare Easyclaim means for you

If you normally pay to see your doctor, Medicare Easyclaim lets you claim your rebate on the spot, using the EFTPOS terminal in your doctor’s practice. Your rebate is paid directly into your cheque or savings account almost immediately.

This little tidbit is for the Obamacare supporters who thought they would be fully covered for all their needs by socialized medicine. This isn't the case anywhere else. Each system falls short in various ways.