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Friday, January 15, 2010

NY congressman Anthony Weiner admits Govt run health care is not about access

Kieth Olberman used the tragedy of Haiti to sell Obama care.... but got an amazing admission from this NY congressman about U.S. health care.

Well, I think if we were to have a circumstance like this, we’d all rally around. And it's the same way, frankly, every single day, when people go into a hospital or an emergency room, there is some question asked, let me see your insurance card, but at the end of the day, we care for them. So we really don't have a discussion in this country whether or not we're going to have health care for everyone. We really do. The only question we're having now, and it seems almost silly, it's so petty, is how we’re going to distribute that health care, how we’re going to pay for it, how we’re going to make sure everyone has it at an affordable level...

It's not about access, government run health care is about CONTROL


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