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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Imbalance of the Sexes in China

There are reported to be 32 million more boys than girls in China under the age of 20, says this Discover article, citing the BMJ.

A milder appearing take  (which really cites the trouble guys of marrying age within 10 years) states that 24 million guys will be mateless AND dateless by 2020. 

Both versions cite the selective abortion practices in China as the main cause of this significant societal problem.

Rather than kidnapping women and girls  from other nations to fill the void in these men's lives, perhaps some consultation and education from our "safe schools czar", Kevin Jennings would fill the bill.*   Pharmer is certain that Kevin  has plenty of suggestions, as well as a little black book from GLSEN.

*sarcasm disclaimer for the clueless

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