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Friday, January 1, 2010

Australians tell Pharmer that they pay Cash up front to see the Doctor

Yes, that is one of the socialized medicine systems in which Government runs health care coverage. But the primary care docs are wanting Cash up front because the government coverage is not so good. This means that those Australians can see the doc when they have cash in hand.

If you visit this site..... and can read between the lines, you'll see corroboration that the Australians are putting cash up front, then submitting a claim to their government system electronically or manually. What the Australians say, and what the government site implies, but does not EXPLICITLY tell you, is that the patient is responsible for the difference. They don't get a full reimbursement. They DO have out of pocket medical expenses at the doctors office.

What Medicare Easyclaim means for you

If you normally pay to see your doctor, Medicare Easyclaim lets you claim your rebate on the spot, using the EFTPOS terminal in your doctor’s practice. Your rebate is paid directly into your cheque or savings account almost immediately.

This little tidbit is for the Obamacare supporters who thought they would be fully covered for all their needs by socialized medicine. This isn't the case anywhere else. Each system falls short in various ways.


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