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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sr. Carol Keehan Still Lost in the Weeds Regarding Abortive "Health" Care

Obama and Abortion have been so extremely attached for so long,  Pharmer expects Stedmans Medical Dictionary to rename the practice "OBORTION".

This year,  Sr. Carol Keehan, of the Catholic Health Association,  managed the same kind of lost in the weeds public statement as last year when she praised the (later aborted) appointment of Tom Daschle as HHS secretary.   One can understand some administrative need to get along with the government, but these public statements cause her to appear a bit ridiculous to those who watch the political machinations.

Here's what the Good Sister put out on December 17th, regarding the unfounded belief that Bob Casey ever shared any serious interests with prolifers, and that the Senate would be concerned with our respect for human life. 

More recently there is a too little, too late, statement that CHA agrees with the recent awakening of the U.S. Conference of Catholic  Bishops that public funding of abortion  and coercing the practice at the religiously run hospitals would be a bad idea.

Recent history has shown us that both the CHA and the USCCB have been willing to pass control of health care to people whom, as a group, are known to:
cheat on their taxes while demanding we pay,
accept bribes,
have association with the untimely deaths of ordinary citizens,
engage in personal practices which most of us find abhorrent,
favor health care rationing
abrogate the conscience rights of health care professionals who choose not to kill humans
favor, fund and obtain abortions
export the latter practice as population control for the "brown people" of the world.

Either the leaders of the CHA and USCCB are insane, or they have had  very short term economic issues in mind when attempting to get along with the slime of Washington DC.  It  is antithetical to good reason to hand over complete control of health care to a horribly corrupt institution, and expect for it to remain mostly  free from  the killing which the institution is known to favor.

Pharmer reminds the CHA and USCCB  that when their health care institutions no longer display any difference from the public institutions, the special social position and private funding which they have obtained will cease to exist.

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