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Sunday, January 10, 2010

How the Dems distinguished Obama from a Normal Black Guy

And got right behind him.

Remembering Biden who mentioned that Obama was so clean cut and articulate for a Black guy.

Now Reid is falling all over himself, apologizing for (accurately) noting Obama's light skin and absence of 'Negro dialect'.

Face it, Obama isn't culturally a Black American, (he's a stuffed shirt), nor does he share much else with most Black Americans. He was raised by White leftists, who swam in money, and that created for him a major identity crisis.

Obama shares next to no life experience with most of American Blacks, and it shows in his mannerisms, speech, outlook and beliefs. He's an elitist, and this is the main basis of his attractiveness to the Dems.

Please recall that we are dealing with the Democrats, a party that has steadfastly remained in line with Planned Parenthood's long running program of eliminating close to half of Black American babies through abortion. (Blacks aren't the only targeted minority.)

Expect more comments such as Biden's, Reid's and this one attributed to Bill Clinton: (a few years ago he would have been getting us coffee). It's only natural coming from Dems who will remain the most race conscious and exploitative political party.


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