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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coakley obtains Obama aid

Martha Coakley, that Massachusetts Senate candidate who thinks Catholics shouldn't be permitted to work in hospital emergency rooms, has obtained the full backing and support of Obama, immediately after her expression of this sentiment. Obama intends to travel to Coakley's state on Sunday in order to bolster her effort against Republican Scott Brown.

Pharmer is happy to have assisted others in learning of Coakley's religious intolerance via submissions of this Washington times story and Ken Pittman to a number of well known venues of news and commentary.

This story also appeared on the Drudge Report, Jill Stanek's page, and was echoed by Rush Limbaugh on his Friday 1/15 radio show, among others. It is hoped that enough people heard of Coakley's views that Obama might need to address a question about it when he travels to Massachusetts in her support.

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