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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tie it all together

45% of physicians plan to retire early in the event of obamacare.

Insiders have told us that Planned Parenthood pushes its clinic directors to drum up abortion business.  Ask Abby Johnson, for example.

Plan B, certainly is good for bringing abortion business since it's less effective than the withdrawal method. (That's evident from the Plan B package insert.) WHAT A SCAM!

Catholic hospitals serve 16 percent of US patients, and as non profits, handle a good load of the indigent patients. Those hospitals are either going to have to abort or close

Coakley gave the public a window to see what's coming. Take a look.

Once health care providers are forced to provide abortions, women will be forced to have abortions, and this coercion will be even stronger than vaccine coercion.

Thanks Jill Stanek and Matt Drudge for putting up the Coakley interview.


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