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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Lesbos Residents are the only Real Lesbians'

A lawsuit from residents of the Island of Lesbos has been filed in protest of misuse of the word Lesbian. Three citizens decry the misuse of this term to designate certain females who have no relationship to the Island. The suit against the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (GGLU), states that the citizens have suffered "psychological and moral rape" due to the improper application of the term "lesbian". Giving credit where credit is due.. read up HERE

Buns in the bathroom

And I don't mean those kind of buns.
I'm talking about a fast food restaurant in Florida storing it's buns (as in bread material) in the mens room, 12 inches from the commode, stacked to the ceiling.

E. Coli!

That wins this morning's award for nastiness.

I'm telling on them too :
"Employees at the Checkers store on South French Avenue at West 15th Street" (Sanford, Florida area) "apparently decided it was okay to store buns for their hamburgers inside a not-so-clean men's room".

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

South Dakota Abortion Ban 2nd round

Pretty many prolifers oppose abortion bans which have exceptions for health or life of the mother and incest or rape.
The reasoning, which is logical, is that these laws seem to state that it's OK to kill some kids prior to birth.

The South Dakota ban as designed now, has clearly defined exceptions. Knowing that the abortions aren't really done to save the life of the mother, or to preserve her health, this law will require full reporting to account for the so called medical benefits of an abortion. (It could serve to prove that there are none.). Also all of the rapes and incest will have to be reported (a new thing in actual practice, for abortionists) and DNA evidence will have to be collected. There is a 10 year penalty for abortionists who don't comply.

This Ban, as currently defined, will be a nearly total ban for South Dakota. My bet is that all the child rapists will be heading out of state with their underage sex-slaves. Unfortunately they have a haven in KS, protected by Governor Sebelius.
Have you ever wondered why that woman is so programmed to defend sexual abuse, and abortion?

Little girls growing up fast --

It's just a normal part of a pre-adolescent's life I guess. One day it's barbie dolls and the next day it's boinking and abortions

" Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service abortion business said people like Knight need to "stop being shocked" by the fact that pre-teen girls have sex and abortions."

So take a look at a few UK abortion statistics: most specifically the abortions on 12 year old girls.

If a girl is below the age of consent for sex, then what about the age of consent for killing her kid before birth?
Be sure to check out the parental notification laws concerning abortion in your own locality. The disparity between that, and the inability to take Tylenol for a headache at school is eye opening.

Rev Wright is on the loose

Obama can't keep a lid on his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The Rev. is on a whirlwind tour to embarrass the leading democrat candidate further. Newt Gingrich theorizes that Wright is hurting Obama intentionally. I'm trying to decide if the effort is because Obama threw Wright under the bus with his Grandma, or if Wright has some idea of generating some racial discord, fueled by Obama failing in the primaries.
PM update -- from Obama today "``Obviously whatever relationship that I had with Reverend Wright has changed as a consequence of this,'' Obama said today. ``I don't think that he showed much concern for me; I don't think he showed much concern for what we're trying to do.''

I don't think Obama's going to be able to put a cork in Rev. Wright, unless maybe a large sum of money would do it........ Those posh gated communities are definitely high rent.

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Another reason that might contribute to a desire to boycott the olympics is that many of the kids remaining in China (after the sex selection abortions), are being sold into slavery.
There is a slave trade going on in every country, but China is a place which should have become more civilized by now, but hasn't. One thing that interested me about the Reuters story linked above, is that some kids didn't want to leave with the rescuers, because their parents had sold them into slavery.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'd like to have video of this on the bar

An unruly airline passenger attacked a flight attendant, so his fellow passengers duct-taped him to his seat. A video of this would be big fun.

The Orange County man was apparently flying drunk, on United Airlines- HongKong to LA.
I guess people are a little less tolerant of side shows in flight, these days.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

moooooo Cop Loves Cows

A police officer in Moorestown, NJ is has been charged with a number of crimes, including abusing underage girls, and cruelty to animals. Don't know how the Cows in Officer Melia's life view this, but I think that some people shouldn't be allowed near a farm.
As for pervs who abuse kids, lock 'em up and throw away the key.
From the memory division....... this conjures up the horse ummm.... not Whisperer..... something else, Kenneth Pinyan.
Your rural dwelling pharmacist is feeling the urge to toss cookies now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you support embryonic stem cell research?

I'm talking about the kind in which an embryo is killed to obtain cells for research. And we can include killing to obtain fetal tissue in this subset too. It happens.
I exclude umbilical cord and adult stem cell use which isn't a problem, since killing a human organism isn't done to obtain those.

If you have a problem with killing very young humans for research and transplant, here's a resource for learning which research organizations support or fund the practice. Check each one's actual position statement to decide if you want to keep supporting the organization.

I, for one have chosen to avoid supporting any medical research (sad because I work in health care), because it's a full time job to determine if the organizations have involved themselves in killing humans for their tissue. My charity bucks are going towards efforts which exclude any killing. But if you have a good deal of time for investigating your favorite research organizations for alignment with your own sense of right and wrong, go for it.

Blind homeowner apprehends burglar

An intruder got a big surprise when he entered this Indianapolis home. He was greeted by the homeowner, Mr. Kieta, who was off work that day. It didn't seem to matter much that the homeowner can't see, either. Kieta beat up the unwanted visitor and, though it took multiple tries, he dialed 911 while holding the guy at knifepoint in his kitchen. Yeah, I'm impressed. Read all about it. More burglars need that kind of greeting.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A reverse trend in height???

It could happen if food continues to be in short supply in Japan. In recent decades the Japanese have had an impressive increase in average height, with the plentiful protein supply. But even with its comparative wealth this country has troubles competing for the total food supply with a growing Chinese population and stiffer competition from all the surrounding countries.
Australia, a major food exporter has suffered serious drought, further adding to the supply problem.
One major tragedy of note is that Kirin had to jack up the price of beer for the first time in nearly 2 decades, due to the barley crunch.
Major bummer.

as the shvartz turns - Yale Uncorked

Yale is attempting to coerce a "confession" from Shvartz that her work is a ruse, and she didn't actually try to get herself pregnant and perform early self abortions.

The premise of Shvartz and the point of her project at Yale (loosely called art) is that their is no particular purpose to the design of the female body.
Perhaps in her view, the construction is random and not even a matter of design.

The project displays a complete disregard for humanity, femaleness, and this bears multiple repetitions:
The Only reason Yale objects to the project is that it was caught allowing another whacked out activity on its campuses, and fears the loss of funds.

Shvarts is the archetypal pro-abort, in that she divorces the design and potential of the female body from the life giving function. They ought to make her "Pope" of their crazy religion.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

CNN -- trusted by liberals

The CNN network certainly has some Exciting personalities such as Richard Quest. It appears that Mr. Quest is in a bit of legal trouble from being caughtin a park while in compromised condition and admitting to possession of methamphetamine. It seems that this colorful news personality has interesting taste in accessories made of rope. I'll leave the details to this news story, and avoid further commentary since I'm not reporting for the National Enquirer.

Prediction department

A lot of hysteria concerning what might have gone on in the community of polygamous Mormons in TX, may turn out to be disproportionate to what has actually gone on there. So far, by April 20, the caller Sarah has not been found but a 33 year old lady in Colorado is being investigated for connections to the calls made to authorities in March concerning this community. There is news that up to 10 girls in the compound might have been made pregnant prior to the age of 18, according to the records found in the compound. How far this rate is above baseline in the rest of American society might be calculated for an interesting comparison. I suspect that there isn't a great deal of difference, judging from what I see in health care practice. One wonders if there will be a renewed interest in going after men who have sex with girls below the age of consent throughout the rest of the country as a result of this investigation. I think child protective services would be quickly overwhelmed by the new business.

I look forward to increased interest in reducing the rampant statutory rape and de-facto polygamy which occurs in the U.S. But it would be good to see this carried out in a sane and equitable fashion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yale student claims her exhibit is real.

So, we'll never know if the Yale art student actually impregnated herself and aborted, one or more times for her Performance art display (unless DNA tests are run on the 'remains' in the display). But one thing remains true...... Yale has worries about being perceived for what it actually is: A NUT FARM.
The student stands by her "work" , and as you might have read even in the first article, she had the full support of her NUT JOB professor.


Yeah, I felt this one a little bit after 5:30 am. The computer monitors were shaking, the chairs were moving a bit. It was centered at the Indiana, Illinois border, and is now downgraded to a 5.2 on the richter scale. But that's big enough to be impressive in the midwest.

New York Times continues downward spiral

The New York Times parent company posted a first quarter LOSS for 2008. Could it be that people are Continuing to go elsewhere for more reliable news???

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yale chickens out and they TAKE IT ALL BACK!
It was only a ruse, the University wimps assure us.
(Whaddaya think--- they started to consider the effect on Alumni contributions to the institution?)
One pervert will think of doing this stuff, and the next one will actually carry through, all the way.
Remember the fetus eater- performance art?

yale student repeatedly self aborts for art

This is a sick one........ how to get an A in art at Yale. I bet she graduates with honors. Maybe she can be Valedictorian.

An art student at Yale repeatedly inseminated herself and forced miscarriages by herbal means through a nine month period. The blood of the miscarraiges is displayed as her creation, along with films showing her miscarrying in the bathtub.

If this description isn't sick enough for you, more detail, and commentary from her instructor and peers is available here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Give your attention to a Real Man

Compared to Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Obama is a wuss. I don't need to add a thing to this.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Forced Abortion in the U.S.

We could just just our eyes and pretend this doesn't happen in the USA. Actually it's pretty common because you can even import your very own mifepristone and cytotec. But this do-it-yourself abortionist found the absolute fastest way to get the job done, using Prostamate, a drug used to abort cattle. Read about the similar Cervidil insert used in humans to induce labor (whether the fetus is ready or not) , which contains the same prostaglandin.

Farmers use this to correct the problem of having an undesirable bull running loose among the herd, or for a number of other reasons including synchronization of breeding cycles.
I have often said that the Veterinary practices operate by higher medical standards than abortionists. Certainly their clinics are required to adhere to more stringent standards of care.
But a good deal of veterinary drugs are available for purchase by farmers. Similarly, a good deal of abortion drugs are available on the black market, and there is the early abortifacient Plan B available over the counter, for purchase by anyone over18, who may then administer it to a female of any age.

So both very early, and later abortions are available without intervention of a medically trained practitioner. Any lady not wishing to be aborted in the same manner as a cow needs to be vigilant.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planned Parenthood Exposed AGAIN

The Planned Parenthood/Racism bombshell finally has gotten to the mainstream media.

You can see what it's all about by watching my video bar, or you can read the link. For weeks and weeks the recordings been all over the net and in alternative news sites and commentaries. Then it went to Drudge, then Laura Ingraham, then Rush. I guess after millions of people have heard talk show hosts laughing at the news media for not covering this, it's finally happened at Fox news.

Don't waste your money paying to see or read the mainstream news. You'll just be kept in the dark, or remain months and years behind if you rely on that as your main source of info. Industry that performs so poorly really shouldn't have paying customers.

About the story: Planned parenthood staffers are caught on audio, accepting donations and agreeing to earmark them to abort minority (particularly Black) babies. About half of Black babies in the U.S. are aborted. This is much higher than the rate for other minorities or Whites.

{Another past sting, ignored by the mainstream media, is the set of 800 plus recordings of a person posing as a 13 year old, seeking to abort a baby fathered by her adult "boyfriend". The recordings are of offers and advice to the girl, from abortion clinic staffers, on concealing the statutory rape. This is illegal activity for any real health care provider, but apparently is OK for abortion providers. This site has retained a selection of the recordings with clinic names.}

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Christian group is suing Google for religious discrimination and censorship in its ad sales.
Some prolife stuff is way more shocking than the sickest porn, it seems.

I'm in favor of healthy competition on the internet and search engines, and am always ready to support alternatives, as I support the alternatives to Microsoft and HP, and Starbucks, and any other industry that gets heavily tied into liberal politics.

What's your favorite blogger site with the EASIEST interface?

Another future flop in the pharmaceutical marketplace is this version of the male birth control concept. I wrote it 10 and a half years ago, and it remains true. Normal guys won't take hormonal birth control.
Men aren't going to do this to themselves . For example, from the article:
School of Management sophomore Matt Mintz said men should think contraception is their responsibility, but said current methods are effective enough without extra medication.
Only women are crazy enough to pump their bodies full of hormones, when there's no disease to treat.

This product being developed in Sydney, Australia contains testosterone and progestin, so there's no good reason to expect that with long term use of this product, normal fertility would return. It doesn't matter what the developer claims. We've been there, done that. Forget it.

Just another memory from the prediction department...... one of my pharmacy professors bet me that there would be an effective vaccine for HIV in 5 years. I told him it would be decades or never, because the virus changes rapidly (even in the same host). That bet was in 1988... Follow the Pharmer ;-)

Signs of Stress for CBS

CBS is considering the use of CNN news for some of its news gathering. It's a sign of financial troubles affecting all of the mainstream media, but it seems that CBS has been hit most acutely with its recent 13 percent drop in viewership.

There has been a lot of talk of establishing this kind of relationship. It'll be interesting to see if the partial merging of services actually happens, or if perhaps either one of these news venues folds first. I do my best to avoid each of them. No cable in the house, and I don't watch either of them. I've concluded from personal experience that most mainstream news reporters aren't 'running on all four cylinders', and recommend that people use the internet and multiple written sources for news.

Puhleeeeze don't be leaning on television news for your election decisions!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Drug makers want Immunity from Lawsuits

As much as I think our legal system is crazy, I don't want the protections which Johnson and Johnson is currently seeking in the courts.
No the FDA isn't the final word. Pharmacists see one recall after another, and constant shifts in the drug "black box" warnings. Some drugs which I refused to carry or dispense, due to their lack of merit were later removed from the market for safety or efficacy reasons. I suspect that another one is going to go, because estimates of its effectiveness were greatly exaggerated.
I'd like to see general tort reform. Lawyers are just too eager to see human misery converted into cash for themselves. Punitive damages should be converted to programs for preventing similar mishaps, rather than cash windfalls for the lawyers.

I'd recommend that if Johnson and Johnson is protected from its misrepresentation of Ortho Evra that people seriously reconsider using any newer drugs for "preventative" reasons.

Do it yourself socialized Dentistry

UK Pensioner pulls her own teeth after being unable to find a dentist to treat her painful condition.

This article in the UK Daily Mail is worth seeing. The dental care there seems to be getting well known for this kind of problem. A quote is below, and the link above.

Mrs Green, a former chef, said it was made plain to her that if she could pay for treatment she would have been welcomed.

"I feel so angry," she said. "I've worked all my life and paid taxes and then when I need help I can't get it."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pope Benedict - no political correctness

That's a huge plus.

Pope says that divorce and abortion are an offense to God

From the article:

"They are serious offences... which violate human dignity, inflict deep injustice on human and social relations and offend God himself, guarantor of conjugal peace and origin of life," he said.

However he added that there were people who had committed such "errors" but "suffered from wounds to the soul" and "sought peace."

Charlton Heston has passed from this life

Charlton Heston's family released this statement on his passing from this earth. Normally I don't follow Hollywood much, because it's gotten to be such a freekshow. However, Mr. Heston was a classic, and a pretty normal guy for an actor. Rest in Peace!

Friday, April 4, 2008

One roadblock to oversight in all medical areas is HIPAA.

HIPAA is a classic example of the government screwing up everything it touches.

Because of HIPAA, if you arrive at the hospital unconscious, only people whom you remembered to name on medical records (which might take a while to recover) can be told that you're in there. So for a good while you might be in the care of STRANGERS, who will be making all sorts of decisions concerning your welfare. People who don't have close friends and family in the area are in Trouble.

Because of HIPAA, it's really hard to gather data about what's happening to a patient and to bring about intervention if something unethical has been done.
The reporting mostly depends upon a whistleblower, health care worker kissing away his job by turning in his employer. Few people have this much conscience or courage. Sometimes the effort is for naught. <--- one of Terri Shaivo's nurses blew the whistle. Corroborating testimony exists. the court documents if you have a lot of time.

"Thomas Beatie stripped off for the cameras and bared his baby bump and also revealed pictures from his beauty queen days as a young woman.

However, the 34-year-old transsexual also told chat show host Oprah Winfrey that he feared for his own safety and admitted doctors had warned him his baby could be killed because of the revulsion at her birth. "

Above quote is from This is London CO.UK, entertainment guide.

OK...... we have a guy/gal who needs to educate those pro abortion people that it's a BABY in there, and the kid shouldn't be killed just because mom/dad has some ISSUES. After all, kids can't choose their parents and should never be executed for anything that the parents do. That's just crazy. (And unloading this to Oprah is also very odd, because she supports Obama, who supported infanticide in his home state of IL.)

He's Gonna have a Baby

Check out this story.

She turned into a He, and now he/she is pregnant

I'm soooooo confused.

Didn't check to see if that transgenderification process went all the way, but could you imagine if this were the case, and 'he' was on vacation and had to be rushed to the hospital for an early delivery.

Shazaaaaam!! What is THAAAAAT???

Gotta clip an extra part out of the way for this delivery.....

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here's a concise history of Obama's opposition to the Born Alive Infant's Protection Act . and with it should go the list of links to substantiate his votes and opposition while serving in the Illinois legislature. This Act was for the purpose of ensuring that babies born alive would receive appropriate care, and not be left to die (in a hospital utility room, for example) of gross neglect, or otherwise killed shortly after birth.

Live birth abortion in the UK

Sixty six babies in a year have been aborted alive and then left to die, some due to repairable defects such as club foot and cleft palate.

read more | digg story

Belly up to the Video Bar

And take a look at the work showing on LiveActionVideo Channel. Yes, I am a booster of the LA Advocate folks, recently made famous by their expose of Planned Parenthood. Prolifers have known all along that half of the Black babies in the U.S. are aborted. We've also heard claims from abortion supporters and academics that abortion has reduced crime in the U.S.

Put the two together and--that doesn't fly in any conservative lair, including here.

Executing the innocent isn't the way to stop crime.

Daddies need to stay and support the kids and mom. That applies to everyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Md. Boy, 12, Kills Man Attacking Mother
Officials Undecided On Filing Charges

If it's illegal to permanently stop a guy who's trying to kill your mother then we have a problem in this country.
It's a shocker to think that this kid might face charges for doing just that.