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Friday, April 4, 2008

One roadblock to oversight in all medical areas is HIPAA.

HIPAA is a classic example of the government screwing up everything it touches.

Because of HIPAA, if you arrive at the hospital unconscious, only people whom you remembered to name on medical records (which might take a while to recover) can be told that you're in there. So for a good while you might be in the care of STRANGERS, who will be making all sorts of decisions concerning your welfare. People who don't have close friends and family in the area are in Trouble.

Because of HIPAA, it's really hard to gather data about what's happening to a patient and to bring about intervention if something unethical has been done.
The reporting mostly depends upon a whistleblower, health care worker kissing away his job by turning in his employer. Few people have this much conscience or courage. Sometimes the effort is for naught. <--- one of Terri Shaivo's nurses blew the whistle. Corroborating testimony exists. the court documents if you have a lot of time.


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