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Monday, April 7, 2008

Drug makers want Immunity from Lawsuits

As much as I think our legal system is crazy, I don't want the protections which Johnson and Johnson is currently seeking in the courts.
No the FDA isn't the final word. Pharmacists see one recall after another, and constant shifts in the drug "black box" warnings. Some drugs which I refused to carry or dispense, due to their lack of merit were later removed from the market for safety or efficacy reasons. I suspect that another one is going to go, because estimates of its effectiveness were greatly exaggerated.
I'd like to see general tort reform. Lawyers are just too eager to see human misery converted into cash for themselves. Punitive damages should be converted to programs for preventing similar mishaps, rather than cash windfalls for the lawyers.

I'd recommend that if Johnson and Johnson is protected from its misrepresentation of Ortho Evra that people seriously reconsider using any newer drugs for "preventative" reasons.


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