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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you support embryonic stem cell research?

I'm talking about the kind in which an embryo is killed to obtain cells for research. And we can include killing to obtain fetal tissue in this subset too. It happens.
I exclude umbilical cord and adult stem cell use which isn't a problem, since killing a human organism isn't done to obtain those.

If you have a problem with killing very young humans for research and transplant, here's a resource for learning which research organizations support or fund the practice. Check each one's actual position statement to decide if you want to keep supporting the organization.

I, for one have chosen to avoid supporting any medical research (sad because I work in health care), because it's a full time job to determine if the organizations have involved themselves in killing humans for their tissue. My charity bucks are going towards efforts which exclude any killing. But if you have a good deal of time for investigating your favorite research organizations for alignment with your own sense of right and wrong, go for it.


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