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Monday, April 21, 2008

as the shvartz turns - Yale Uncorked

Yale is attempting to coerce a "confession" from Shvartz that her work is a ruse, and she didn't actually try to get herself pregnant and perform early self abortions.

The premise of Shvartz and the point of her project at Yale (loosely called art) is that their is no particular purpose to the design of the female body.
Perhaps in her view, the construction is random and not even a matter of design.

The project displays a complete disregard for humanity, femaleness, and this bears multiple repetitions:
The Only reason Yale objects to the project is that it was caught allowing another whacked out activity on its campuses, and fears the loss of funds.

Shvarts is the archetypal pro-abort, in that she divorces the design and potential of the female body from the life giving function. They ought to make her "Pope" of their crazy religion.


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