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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Forced Abortion in the U.S.

We could just just our eyes and pretend this doesn't happen in the USA. Actually it's pretty common because you can even import your very own mifepristone and cytotec. But this do-it-yourself abortionist found the absolute fastest way to get the job done, using Prostamate, a drug used to abort cattle. Read about the similar Cervidil insert used in humans to induce labor (whether the fetus is ready or not) , which contains the same prostaglandin.

Farmers use this to correct the problem of having an undesirable bull running loose among the herd, or for a number of other reasons including synchronization of breeding cycles.
I have often said that the Veterinary practices operate by higher medical standards than abortionists. Certainly their clinics are required to adhere to more stringent standards of care.
But a good deal of veterinary drugs are available for purchase by farmers. Similarly, a good deal of abortion drugs are available on the black market, and there is the early abortifacient Plan B available over the counter, for purchase by anyone over18, who may then administer it to a female of any age.

So both very early, and later abortions are available without intervention of a medically trained practitioner. Any lady not wishing to be aborted in the same manner as a cow needs to be vigilant.


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