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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let These NosePickers Tell YOU How to Prevent Flu

If you don't want Flu, quit picking your nose! 

Listen up......... Matt Maher talks about his song "I'm Alive Again"

Dede Scozzafava Quits the New York 23rd Dist. Special Election

A little birdie from the Republican Party, (this is Pharmer's guess), paid Dede a visit, and asked her to surrender her bid for the 23rd District NY congressional seat.

This was to prevent one of their own Up East, Elite, selected left-moderates from suffering a crushing, public defeat by an actual conservative.


Anyway, Dede's gone, and Doug Hoffman is gonna take this one AWAAAAAAYYY.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

It's pink-slip Time

It's pink-slip Time

A New York Post reader asks: Is there is time to get Obama on the cover Once more before the Pink Slips are distributed at the ever shrinking Time Inc.?

Medical Experiments on the Guantanamo Bay Detainees

It appears that the Club Gitmo Prisoners are among the first groups to be offered the H1N1 vaccines.

Perhaps we'll be hearing Tuskegee and Guantanamo in same sentence, from the liberals, 20 years from now......

That our military personnel are pelted with all manner of questionable vaccines is not news.

Only White House would need a Calculator for this Math

Dividing the cost of the stimulus package by the (inflated)number of jobs saved (160 billion divided by 1 million) yields a figure of 160 thousand dollars per job.

The White called that "calculator abuse", not realizing that the rest of us don't need a calculator to do simple math.

Could it be that the government is only saving the jobs of the "rich" so they can be taxed for health care?? ;-) ;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birth control pills can double stroke risk -

Birth control pills can double stroke risk -

Those of us who know the limitations of after market surveillance understand this to be a conservative estimate.

Keep your Skin Smooth as a HUMAN FETUS!

Debi Vinnedge at COG for Life has uncovered another gross trivialization of human life.

Nocutis line of skin products, designed to maintain that Youthful appearance, have a protein complex component which is derived from cell culture originating from an aborted human fetus. No, the actual fetus is not in the products. A product derived from cell cultures with that origin IS in there. If that bothers you, avoid using the Nocutis brand.

You can track the source of this product yourself. Debi is always very thorough in tracking down the sources of cell lines used in vaccines and biotechnology. She searches and interprets the information provided by the actual producing corporations. After you look HERE, visit COG for Life and pass that information on.

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Yes, Abortion Funding is written into the House Obamacare bill

Pay attention to Michigan democrat Congressman Bart Stupak, who personally elucidated the Obama scam concerning coverage of abortion in health care.

Stupak got Obama on the phone, and determined that the plan which does not cover abortion is the non-existent Obama plan, a ghost which appears on the president's teleprompter during speeches. The actual written plans being voted on in congress DO cover abortion and any amendments to remove this coverage have been stopped in committee.

If there is no cooperation concerning an amendment to remove abortion funding, Stupak intends to get 40 Dems to join with Republicans to defeat house rules changes that would have allowed the Dems to 'rahm' the health care through with less than 60 percent of votes which are usually needed to shut down opposing debate.

In other words, Rep. Stupak, D. Mich, will oppose Puglosi directly in order to stop the health care bill if abortion funding is not removed.

Arnold to San Francisco - SFBG Politics Blog

Arnold to San Francisco - SFBG Politics Blog

Arnold is misbehaving, and it's got the liberals whining. One thing they can't stand is a taste of their own medicine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On 'Hate Crimes Day,' Remembering Media Blackout of Jesse Dirkhising's Death |

On 'Hate Crimes Day,' Remembering Media Blackout of Jesse Dirkhising's Death |

Every time you hear the name Matthew Shepherd, return fire by reminding them of Jesse Dirkhising.

Unfortunately, many leftists think this is recreation, rather than hate, and seem to think of killing the unborn in the same way.

Monday, October 26, 2009

How did this get past the Editor?

An AP article uses the term "unborn baby" in a news article regarding a suspicious miscarriage.

The alleged perpetrator is believed to have induced the an abortion, causing the death of a human individual at 13 weeks gestation.

LA man arrested in death of his unborn child

Sunday, October 25, 2009

(10-25) 19:34 PDT Los Angeles, CA (AP) --

Authorities say a 37-year-old Los Angeles man has been arrested on suspicion of murder for the death of an unborn child believed to be his.

The ailing news media is so desperate to reverse the negative industry trends, that it will go as far as to properly recognize even the very young humans, early in their development.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

National Health Care Power Grab

This one might cause Obama to fall on his face.

He declared an national emergency due to the swine flu. Now go down and reread the post below.....

And given the facts, realize that Obama is grabbing power in order to move against a thing which is unquantifiable, and over which his activity will have little to NO influence.

He's going to waste billions and billions of money on this effort.

The H1N1 influenza is HERE, in unknown amount. The vaccine distribution is just beginning, and there is not much of it.

And remember, its JUST another Flu.

Will we be having national emergencies every year???

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Oink! More Fun with the Swine Flu

On the Shortage of H1N1 Influenza A vaccine.... (trumpet fanfare)... the Indiana state Commissioner of Health:

"Vaccine supply is a challenge and I realize this has caused frustration for many of you. We expected to receive an ample supply of vaccine by mid-October. Unfortunately, we have only received about 30% of the doses that were expected by this time due to limited production. The virus is not replicating at the speed that was originally expected which has led to the delay in manufacturing sufficient supply of the vaccine. Clearly this has created an additional challenge for all of us as demand for the vaccine is outstripping supply."

Someone else can have mine. ;-)

Now..... as for the virus not replicating at the speed which was expected.....

Maybe it's a leftist virus; they have trouble replicating also, or accomplishing anything else they set out to do.

For most of you, what this means is that the swine flu ('just another flu') will have passed through your 'hood, before this vaccine (which Pharmer considers experimental) has been widely distributed enough for YOU to have it.

Three Reasons why all the swine flu statistics will remain inaccurate to the degree of being BOGUS:

People are reporting assumed swine flu cases (respiratory illnesses which have not been identified, but appear to be flu-like to whichever person is reporting).

Testing which is done, is identifying a flu virus as influenza A, )and there are a lot of those) but and is assumed to be the (media frenzy) bug du jour, H1N1 influenza A.

and the third reason that the numbers are bogus..... Newly developed tests for swine flu virus are being used, this one by Quest diagnostics and 3M. These tests (here's another one,by Diatherix) are permitted emergency use for this season only, and do not yet have actual FDA approval. This in itself does not mean the tests are no good at all. However, you should also be aware of this bit of practical information: Tests for flu virus are far from perfect, (even those which have been approved) vary in specificity and efficiency, and are dogged with the problem of false negative results particularly during peak seasons.

New tests to differentiate the virus, mass confusion, media frenzy, and you won't be getting any good statistics concerning this particular flu bug.

Fun reading-

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Patrick Kennedy Mouths off --

He's taking the Catholic Bishops to task for opposing Obamacare due to its coercive abortion provisions.

Allow me the most diplomatic comment I can muster:

The Kennedy family of perverts exists as pinworms, lice, or ticks with respect to the Catholic Church. Patrick is merely piling one more lunacy onto its legacy of extreme, irrational and immoral speech and behavior

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Will Be Assimilated.........

For year's we've been hearing about conservative Anglicans being very burned out on the general move towards ignoring  Biblical basics in their Anglican Communion of 77 million adherents.

Large blocs of Anglicans have considered entry into the Catholic Church, and Pope Benedict is clearing the way for this.  Involved are such details as married clergy.  Seems that married priests will continue to be allowed to convert and remain in their function, but married Bishops would have to step down a notch for admission.

Two large groups considering "assimilation" are the Tradidional Anglican Communion in Australia, (which had  petitioned for consideration in 2007, and the Anglo-Catholic wing of the U.S. Episcopal Church, which might be swayed by the arrangement offered by the Vatican.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tweeting to congress

Maybe  a  quarter to a third of the U.S. congress and senate are using twitter.   I decided to add all of the listed tweeters onto Pharmer1. 

This of course means that I will limit private kinds of posting.  They don't need to know if our plumbing gets clogged, for example. 

What these lucky office staffers of congressional officials will learn, and hopefully pass on to their bosses is what Middle America thinks of them. 

For example,  I would not take my kids to Washington DC for an optional tour of the capitol anymore.  I would not want them to learn details of the lives of our government officials.  There is so little in the capitol to be admired, and so much which is unsuitable for kids.

In other words,  MOST of the population of Capitol hill are perverts.   I encourage the minority of normal people in Washington DC to wear a wet suit and respirator while swimming in that sewer.

UPDATE 2-New York Times to cut 100 newsroom jobs | Reuters

The price of becoming Obama-media is failure and slow, agonizing demise.

UPDATE 2-New York Times to cut 100 newsroom jobs | Reuters

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John Stossel smashes Obama-care in under 7 minutes

Good, all except for the birth control pills.  Nothing's perfect

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White House boasts: We 'control' news media

They've given up talking to us, and are ONLY talking to themselves now.

White House boasts: We 'control' news media

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Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States - News -

Military, law enforcement, and the retirees from these organizations, who respect the oath to protect and defend the constitution, are being encouraged to LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS in response to an illegal or unconstitutional order. The leftie-wimps from Hatewatch find something sinister in laying down one's arms. READ UP! It's the same as accusing those who refuse to kill humans of Violence. Washington DC is filled with this type of insanity now.

READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States - News -

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Every time she sees an Obama bumper sticker


Kevin Jennings UNsafe schools Czar, and Member of ACT UP...

Kevin Jennings, "safe schools" czar, hosted Barack Obama in his home?and was member of Act Up

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Morning After Pill Primer from Peggy Pace, BS Pharm, R.Ph.

The Morning After Pill:
A Grand Deception
Peggy Pace, BS Pharm., R.Ph.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we could reduce elective surgical abortions with a pill? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if pro-choice and pro-life advocates found something they could agree on? That’s the promise of the so-called morning after pill: taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, it is said to virtually guarantee there will be no “accidental” pregnancy, no need to purposefully harm the weakest among us by aborting them. Can’t we all agree that this would create a kinder, gentler place to be an embryo, the smallest human being? Here’s a goal we can all support. Pass out the pills!

Such is the rallying cry of those in the pro-choice camp. “Finally,” they say, “we have a solution, and if the pro-lifers don’t endorse it, we will expose them as the hate-mongers we know them to be. Make these pills readily available and the need for abortion will plummet.” Right?

But are these arguments valid? If they are, why would anyone object? Let’s look at the real experience with the morning after pill. In fact, increased access to the morning after pill (taken after unprotected sex) has not lowered unplanned pregnancy rates. The demand for surgical abortions has not dropped as promised. But sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) have increased. But don’t take my word for it; let’s look at the hard facts.

Where the effects of supplying women with the morning after pill have been studied, no decrease in surgical abortion rates has been found. While availability of the pill may have prevented some pregnancies in some women some of the time, the reported effectiveness rate of 90% has not been demonstrated in real use, and the morning after pill has not been the public health breakthrough that it was touted to be. Of more concern, it appears that women may engage in riskier behavior when they think they have a pill to cancel that activity, and STDs have increased where the morning after pill has been made available to women, even in advance of need. That’s bad news for everyone.

But there is something else even more troubling about the morning after pill. This is a concoction of a very high dose of progestin. The manufacturer says that the pill works by preventing ovulation and/or fertilization. But if progestin-only pills only prevent ovulation about half of the time in the women who take it every day, how could a one-time use reliably inhibit ovulation? Another reported mechanism is that this high dose progestin “slows down” sperm, or makes the environment along the woman’s reproductive tract inhospitable to traveling sperm. Hmmm….experts tell us that sperm can arrive at the site of fertilization (the ovary end of the fallopian tube) in as little as 20 minutes following intercourse. How can a pill taken 72 hours later possibly have an effect in this manner?

No, the really troubling effect of the morning after pill is how it works after fertilization has already taken place. You see, at union of sperm and egg, a new human life is present. It is genetically unique, and it begins directing its own development immediately. It will be another week, however, before it makes its way to the uterus or womb, and begins to implant itself there where it will grow until birth. The morning after pill destroys the ability of the uterus to receive and nurture this new person, so the embryo dies from lack of nourishment and is sloughed off. Thus, the morning after pill, rather than decrease abortion, actually causes a very early chemical abortion.

How can the pill manufacturers get away with saying the pill does not cause abortion? By a redefinition of words. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or ACOG, changed the definition of pregnancy over 30 years ago when they realized that normal birth control pills may have the effect of causing early abortions. Sound ethical practice requires that a woman be told of this effect, but doctors did not want to have to tell their patients this. So they redefined pregnancy. Most of us understand that new life, pregnancy, begins with the union of sperm and egg. This is high school biology. But ACOG says that a woman is not pregnant until the embryo has completely implanted in the wall of the uterus. This occurs when the new person is about 1 week old. Even the manufacturer admits to this effect, but it is shrouded in medical terminology, buried in the package insert. So what sounds like an arcane discussion of medical terms actually is a way to keep women from knowing the truth about medications they are being encouraged to take.

But the strangest part of this whole story is that crisis pregnancy centers (CPC’s) would tell these same lies to their clients who visit their websites. Surely CPC’s know the truth about this drug; what possible reason would they have for keeping it from women looking to them for truthful answers? For example, a CPC in our area (southern Illinois) recently renamed “Mosaic”( ) repeats verbatim the claim that the morning after pill is not effective if a woman is already pregnant. This is true only if you ignore the growing embryo’s presence for the first week of his or her life. A bad thing for a CPC to ignore, don’t you think? A visitor to this site who is persistent in her search will eventually encounter the truth that the morning after pill causes an early chemical abortion. Will a young frightened woman find it, and what means does she have to know which statement is true? Why would a CPC “bury” this life-changing truth deep in their website?

So now we women have yet another hazard to try to avoid in the game of “Whack-A- Mole” currently being played against our lives and the lives of our children. We have:
-fathers who abandon us;
-boyfriends who don’t love us;
-value only to the extent that we can provide pleasure;
-education systems that teach us to ignore our basic physical differences from men;
-economic situations requiring us to abandon our children to the care of strangers;
-sexual abuse, with many ways it can be legally covered up by perpetrators.
But wait, there’s more- now we can add to this list:
-medical and scientific communities who lie to us.

Even those who tell us they are here to help us regard all the “options” that women have to deal with unplanned pregnancies as equally valid. In other words, they pretend that as long as you consider carefully whether or not to choose life for your baby, your decision will be correct. As long as you agonize over your decision, the argument goes, you’ll arrive at the right one. There is nothing telling a woman in dire straights that she should choose life, that she will be glad she did, and all sorts of abortion education is made available at these sites. This is interesting, because most CPC’s say they exist to help women overcome the difficulties they encounter when they choose life for their babies. They normally are not founded to help women weigh the pro’s and con’s of abortion, but to urge women to make the choice that they already know is the correct choice, that is, to let their innocent babies live.

Next time you read that we can decrease abortion by increasing abortion, tell them it doesn’t add up, and that YOU know better.


Advanced Provision of Emergency Contraception does Not Reduce Abortion Rates (C,4/04) Contraception Volume 69, Issue 5 , May 2004, Pages 361-366 Anna Glasier , a, b, Karen Fairhurstc, Sally Wykec, Sue Zieblandd, Peter Seamanc, Jeremy Walkerc and Fatim Lakhaa

Graham Grant, “Birth Control For Teens So Pregnancies Go Up By 10pc,” Daily Mail (London), December 1, 2003, ED_Sci, p. 10.

Walter Larimore, M.D., Joseph Stanford, M.D., “Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent,” Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 9, No. 2, (February 2000).

C Kahlenborn, JB Stanford, and WL Larimore. Postfertilization effect of hormonal emergency contraception. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy: Vol. 36, No. 3, pp. 465-470.

Manufacturer's Prescribing Information for Plan B (Levonorgestrel) tablets, 0.75 mg. Mfg. by Gedeon Richter, Ltd., Budapest, Hungary for Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Pomona, NY 10970. Revised Feb 2004.

(  Plan B, Levonelle, emergency contraception, single dose, morning after pill, MAP, levonorgestrel, Plan B One-Step )

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The Race Card pulled once more on RUSH

A few readers might know that when Obama told us not to listen to Rush, right away, I purchased a Rush 24/7 subscription.

From the very top, (I believe from the White House) comes the race-card play to grab a big goodie away from Rush, as a punishment for opposing Obama's fascism.

Read what Rush has to say about the invitation to invest in the Rams football team, in the WSJ
, then read my response.

Pulling our money is the best thing we can do. Advertisers take note: We are not spending on the NFL, we are not attending games, there are no games visible on our television, we are buying nothing with an NFL logo.
The NFL does not need us.
Oh, by the way, I am hearing this echoed by lots of other conservatives, including those who don't even listen to Rush. People are tired of the race baiting. The NFL has suddenly become unattractive to the population sector which spent the most money on them. A little NFL outsourcing might be good. The NFL can be renamed 'Global football league'. GFL ...kinda has a ring to it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

If you're a liberal NFL minority owner

Then you can say what Jennifer Lopez, Miami Dolphins owner says: RIGHT HERE

Normal people, don't let your kiddies go there. It's sicko.

And Fergie of the Black-eyed Peas has this issue with her Hump about which she tells the world in lurid detail. Fergie, also known for on-stage incontinence episodes is approved for minority ownership of the Dolphins.

Read more about it at Big Hollywood.

Yes, it is true. The NFL will now experience a colonoscopy from the right side, revealing the utter hypocrisy associated with their fastidiousness about what Rush Limbaugh never really said.


Just the facts here

But it doesn't hardly touch on the life of Farmer and Machinist business-owner, Tim Meyer. He passed away very suddenly due to impact from a falling branch, while walking to another job on the farm. More revealing is the packed house at the visitation, full of people whose lives were touched by this exceptionally nice man.

That includes all of the extended family down on the Pharm, who will miss seeing him while still here on this earth. Prayers for the Meyers family and all Tim's loved ones who will miss him hardest.

New York Judge stops the Flu Vaccine Mandate for Health care workers

For NOW.

This is only a restraining order, but better than nothing.  It is still up to the health care workers to defend their human rights.  

There is a need for more health care providers in rural areas......  go where you'll be appreciated.

Another in the line up of amoral freaks of Obama's administration is Cass Sunstein, the new regulatory Czar.

This one defends the involuntary removal of organs from those who are not dead yet.

In addition comes this gem, collected by World Net Daily, further substantiating my claim that the leftists envision women as sex slaves.

Sunstein argues that refusing to fund abortion "would require poor women to be breeders," while co-opting women's bodies "in the service of third parties" – referring to fetuses.

The only thing which causes a woman to be an obligate or involuntary "breeder" is RAPE: intercourse in the absence of consent. This is apparently in the leftist playbook for women, most of whom will be "poor" under the new socialist regime.

Put a suit on a pervert and this is the visible result.   Pic courtesy of World Net Daily,  linked above

People of Walmart

Pharmer, being a rural dweller has a natural affinity for Walmart. It's the cool place to go dressed down, or waaay relaxed, leave yer party teeth at home.

Go to this website, to get an eyefull of special shoppers, real standouts. HILARIOUS!


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Balloon Boy Busts the Family / news overshadows Obama missile deal with China

OK it was for the SHOW........ Why balloon boy of Colorado hid in the attic during the massive search for him on Oct 15.

Meanwhile, while we all watched this Hoax, Obama quietly turned over control of missile technology sales to the Commerce Dept, so China can get some. It costs a lot to keep in China's good graces, since they're holding all our debt.

Pharmer thought it would be fun to present the news on Oct 15, just as it appeared, with the top story above the MUCH BIGGER STORY.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Planned Parenthood closes a sixth Indiana clinic this year. Niiiice.

2004 headline in Sunday Standard

Says Obama is Kenyan born....

LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set

LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set

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Robert Reich on Death Panels

Yes he did say this....."We're going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too we're going to let you die."

Hope you don't mind the new health care. Robert Reich is Economics Adviser to Barack Obama.

Conservatives Boycott the Colts

This email was sent through the Indianapolis Colts website with respect to Jim Irsay vowing to oppose Rush Limbaugh as an investor in the Rams.

I will be encouraging all other political conservatives to avoid any support of the Colts, as my Indiana family is doing.

It is time for us to stop paying people who slander, libel, and otherwise "diss" those with conservative ideology. Jim Irsay and Roger Goodell don't need our money.

It is time for all people to recognize the true racists: Leftists hate the minority people who don't want their programs. They promise giveaways to liberal Blacks and Hispanics, while arranging to abort their babies at five times and three times the RATE of White babies respectively. Statistics from Alan Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood Research). Indianapolis is a prime example of abortion clinic placement to this end.

We know who the real racists are.

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh

Read up: Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., founder of STAND, a regular Rush listener, felt strongly enough to put out a press release in Christian Newswire.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Laughing Litter of Teenie People!!!

Check out these quintuplet babies laughing. Hilarious!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New South Wales, AU Chemist Dispenses With the Pill

That is....... He stopped dispensing them,  and is informing  the customers wanting contraceptives, including condoms,  that he can't fill that demand, due to his religious beliefs.

Trevor Dal Broi is a Catholic who has apparently tuned into the Church teachings with respect to his entire life, including his professional life.

There are plenty of people who believe that life is compartmentalized, and that religious beliefs are sort of a condiment to be dolloped onto the private life.

Others have figured out that religion is "way of living" and that the attempt to adhere should be 24/7 and  365/year. 

Sooooo,  Chemist Dal Broi........ if you're out there, please accept my congratulations on your decision, and prayers that it enhances your professonal life.

The "dissident" pharmacists of conscience are doing women a favor: pointing out the health care hoaxes and misinformation which are detrimental to their health.

 For the people who think condoms decrease HIV and most other STDs  (on a population level, they do the opposite, and the Pope knows this)  go HERE.

Address the delusion that  contraceptives decrease the demand for abortion  (they don't, and studies show a range of no change up to a marked increase in demand for abortion with contraceptive use.   A big pack of links  to reviews of the studies is at Physicians for Life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harry Reid will be "Daschled"

Polls in Nevada support the popular notion that Harry Reid will lose his seat in the 2010 election.

At this time, either of two Republican unknowns could beat the Senate leader if the election were held now, in Nevada.  

With 100 percent name recognition,  Reid's unfavorable rating has been steady for months, and the conclusion from the voters is:  'Anyone but Harry'.

More obscene legislation from Reid will not enhance his popularity in his home state.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Bird is a Birther

Friday, October 9, 2009


Just a few people realize.... that  the life and times of Pharmer has included a short career in research science.  With that comes the interest in the life and times of accomplished researchers of the past, and a bit cogitation has caused me to REJOICE!

As you know,  the Nobel Prize WAS very frequently given after a significant career and a crowning accomplishment.   That was waaaay back when, in my "salad days". ( A little Shakespearian literary reference there.....)

After the Nobel Prize was given, the recipient could often rest on his laurels and generate income through writing and speaking honoraria.   Tenure was often a means of being put out to pasture...


Yep,  the PRIZE often signaled the decline of serious effort in the  recipient's field of endeavor. James Watson, the Poster Boy of early "retirement", pastured for decades at Harvard, is a prime example.

I am placing my bets......... and am rejoicing, that Obama may now retire from his EFFORTS.

USA Today to post 17 percent drop in circulation

USA Today to post 17 percent drop in circulation

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The practice of Obama-ism is like ANOREXIA for the media

Too Little, and probably too Late

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which snoozed for decades while abortion and other medical assaults on those most in need of care, became widespread in the U.S.,  has written to members of Congress to announce that they'll "vigorously" oppose the health care plan based upon three main areas of concern, one of them being abortion.

Do you suppose that Pope Benedict woke them up? 

Read the letter here.  

Markedly missing from the letter is the government plan to render private charities powerless and moot, as it becomes the sole conduit of stealing from those who earn, and giving to those who do not wish to earn, as well as those few  in need of assistance who are permitted to survive. 

More Laughter at the Nobel Committee

Another Hilarious Choice for Nobel Peace Prize.

MMM MMMM MMMM Barack Hussein Obama!

Yep, After Carter and the Terrorist Arafat got awarded for, ahem, lasting peace in the Middle East, and Al Gore was awarded the same prize for his Global Warming Hoax while the Earth is cooling......

Obama gets a prize too!!!

Is this like those grade schools in which every kid's a winner?

Pharmer's colleagues laughed about it this AM as they came in to relieve our shift. The m\Main Man was laughing about it upon my arrival at the Pharmhaus. He said that our daughter asked about the award: "What did he DO??" Stop the war in Iraq? Get out of Afghanistan? Close "Gitmo"? Nope, but he talked about it.

Talk radio is going to be highly entertaining today, so we'll need to record it for later amusement.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Click Your Way to Tort Reform

Remember those suggestions to return unwanted mail to the sender (at their expense).

Roger Kimball at Pajamasmedia suggests that you go visit THIS SITE first, then find a few class action lawsuit ads for the malpractice of the day, or the latest hated drug, and click on them.

The advertisers pay a fee per click, so when you click, you are costing them money.

Same principle as the returned junk mail.

Vent your frustration, and have fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

STOPP has a list of Planned Parenthood Clinical Trials

Right HERE.

Of interest is the use of underage girls in some of the trials. One wonders if parental permission is required for participation, noting that abortions and other birth control can be obtained in many locations without such permissions.

Research on ways to enhance compliance in birth control administration is at the top of the list involving minor as research subjects, as is the Gardasil study, targeted at increasing administration to African American girls.

Thoughts from providers on second trimester abortions

Jivin J at Jill Stanek's blog site read an amazing article posted at the Abortioneers blog. I recommend that you follow the second link FAST. Since the pro-lifers have spotted it, the article might not remain up for long, particularly if the comments start flying.
Below is what I left at Jill's blog, and in bold is what I asked of the Abortioneers at their blog.

I think it's worthwhile to understand the mental processes necessary to practice abortion.

It helps to understand where a lot of them come from, which is a state of hopelessness for women and children. Early on, the optimism about the possibility of women being revered and respected for their full natural potential has been stripped away. There is also the spectre of child abuse. From the chosen nics of some people speaking on the abortion issue, their own objectification from a very early age becomes starkly apparent.

Imagine starting and living your life in the middle of a battlefield with rape and carnage all around you. You might choose to end human suffering in the same way that these people choose to, by ending the life of the victim. In the cases of abortionists, their personal lives might have some kind of analogous beginning, or perhaps they received endless video or other stimuli to mimic this situation.

The article points out that human instinct rebels against killing one's own.

Some abortion workers quit, because the natural instinct becomes overwhelming, or they are given access to hope through contact with the Creator.

I'd choke my way through the article if I were you, so you can understand more on how the demand for abortion can be eliminated.

I don't dream that a lifetime of adverse conditions can be wiped away quickly. Also, our own choice to avoid participating in abortion or even to avoid abortion ourselves is soon to be curtailed by the cost constraints of socialized medicine. So I instead asked this question on the abortioneers forum:

Do you think that abortion practitioners and ancillary personnel should be allowed to choose whether or not to offer second and third trimester abortion services?

Does willingness to perform early procedures in any way negate a choice to refuse to perform later procedures?

Would you support legal provisions (such as exemptions from lawsuits or loss of license) for those who choose not to perform the later procedures?

The Most Heartless Insurance Provider

The liberals are very worried about denial of health care, and this is their excuse for shoving Obamacare down our throats.

As has become routine, the facts show them to by lying once more. Newsbusters' Tom Blumer writes to tell us of the latest exposure by Beverly Gossage, research fellow for the Show Me Institute. Gossage wanted to know which insurance provider rejected the most claims, and found the answer in the AMA Insurer Report Card.

You're not suprised to find out that MEDICARE BEAT OUT all the other MAJOR PROVIDERS, such as Humana, Cigna, UHC, et al, for both the absolute number and the rate of rejected claims. Medicare's number of rejections outstripped all the other insurance providers COMBINED.

Add this to the fact that it is against the law for any emergency room to turn away a patient. Though it is OK for Medicare to DENY CARE, this institution is essentially BANKRUPT.

Given this information, do you want the government to be handling all of health care NOW??? Would you like to explain why? ;-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Obama's Vietnam

Leaving Afghanistan is not an option, says the Obama administration.

There will be a bipartisan meeting with congressional leaders, since Obama suddenly values the opinions from Republicans on the matter of war.

The Republican opinions remain utterly worthless on the matter of health care, however.

Pharmer will state it more plainly: The Obama administration needs to spread the blame for his lack of leadership in this failure of a war effort.

Any questions?

UK reports on Criminal Proceedings against Former U.S. Judge Herman Thomas

The UK DailyMail takes the lead on this story, since former Judge Herman Thomas was once the Democrat party pick for Federal Judge in Alabama. Thomas's stellar legal career had gone awry, with accusations of sexual impropriety with prisoners leading to his resignation back in 2007.

He NOW stands accused of trading sex for reduction in prison terms for a lineup of at least 15 prisoners (fishing buddies) expected to testify at the trial. Physical evidence of the same type available from the Clinton white house is apparently available to substantiate the charges. As has become routine, there are accusations from the defendant of racially based persecution from lying felons. The difficulty with this claim is that the former and current prisoners who accuse the former judge appear to be of his own race. Thomas faces a possible life sentence, with possibilities of more of the same kind of contact, but perhaps in reverse.

This case is fodder for considerable levity regionally, inspiring this parody by Jolene Roxbury.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If you Got the Seamless Garment Thrown at you in Church Today

and it bummed you out that your pastor presented this excuse for 53 percent of Catholics to support the Obamanator (who thinks denying care to the elderly, disabled, newly born, and killing the latter and the unborn is OK,) then head on over to Life Site News for clear talk on the issue.

Yep, today is a Bummer for the Pharmer. One more kid left in that parish school, and he has this year and two more to go. Just as the school seemed to take a turn for the better, we got a new pastor. And for prolife Sunday...... I had to restrain myself from pulling a Joe Wilson. The seamless garment idea isn't classified as a lie, however. It is used as an intellectual excuse, by people who don't know where money comes from, or how prosperity is generated, to vote for the guys who promise them funding for their favorite programs, by means of forced charity from others. (This forms a government bypass of the whole concept of charity altogether). So, for example, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops can ignore Obama's support of murder, in order to express their favor for his [empty] promises to help the poor.

A reminder to all the confused congenital Democrats who supported Obama. Without respect for the right to life, none of the other stuff has any meaning. Supporting the guy who will promote the killing of the elderly, disabled and babies in order to have more funds to give to "disadvantaged" groups is nonsensical.
With respect for all life comes pressure to find ways to help everyone. For example, March of Dimes used to concentrate more on means to assist those born with disabilities. Now, there is more focus on eliminating the problem of birth defects by eliminating those, who are affected, prior to birth. With that focus, the pressure to find new ways to assist the disabled goes by the wayside. We've heard Obama's health advisers say that too much money is spent on technological advancements (those things born of a love and hope for life). Their concentration is to remove the disabled, thereby fixing the problem more cheaply, and leaving more resources for what????? Their own extravagant living, perhaps?

You don't have to bail on your religion if you'd like to remove yourself and your family from the seamless garment abuse or analogous tangled thinking. Attending church is supposed to help you to be a better person. If that isn't happening, for this or other reasons, find a more adherent pastor or preacher to teach you. That's what Pharmer has in mind.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nearly as Sick as Polanski and Letterman, but not quite

An argument against self absorbed leftists driving 18 wheelers is HERE.

Dropped in on the Huffnpuffington Post : pondering the increasing unhappiness of women

Women are trending toward "equality" with men  but at the same time their happiness is trending downward.  As the women progress towards their "manhood" of accomplishments,  their happiness decreases.  It follows  that further progress towards becoming like men, career wise or behaviorally, isn't going to cause a sudden spike in happiness. 
People don't get happy by staring at their navels,  or otherwise obsessing with themselves and their own wants and needs.

We can see that more education, more career success, more sex partners,  more abortions, fewer kids,  and lowered expectations of relationships with men are not  associated with increased happiness.      (How about Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Clinton,  Mrs. Sanford, and Mrs. Letterman..... suffering from lowered expectations, a bit?)

My recommendation for increased happiness is to drop off the last four  trends  from the above list. Add a recognition of the Creator and the order of creation., and put that in front of the first two items above.  

Put the NOW gals out to pasture. 

Not surprised and fairly pleased.

Olympics are going to Rio de Janeiro  as and Pharmer hopes  the people there are able to benefit from it, somehow.  It seems difficult to imagine a benefit to the local population which may get supplanted by the new structures necessary for the games.  Those  who have experienced the 'joys' of immanent domain understand some of the difficulties involved. 

Perhaps there will be less corruption associated with this location of the games, but one wonders.......... which place is a more suitable host for the games,  Chicago, hehhehheh, or Rio.

Perhaps the Olympic commitee felt that it would be far too expensive to deal with the amount of greasing that the political machine of Chicago requires.

One wonders what the State of the Ego is after this little setback on the world stage.  

How long a refractory period will be required before the pressing issue of Afghanistan is taken up?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Entertainment Industry is a Cesspool

Just after Whoopie Goldberg and a long line of other Hollywood luminaries endorsed sex between middle age men and drugged 13 year old girls,  David Letterman confesses that he had sex with some of his staffers.  Likely these are recent incidents, or an extortionist wouldn't have tried to generate income using the information.