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Friday, October 2, 2009

Not surprised and fairly pleased.

Olympics are going to Rio de Janeiro  as and Pharmer hopes  the people there are able to benefit from it, somehow.  It seems difficult to imagine a benefit to the local population which may get supplanted by the new structures necessary for the games.  Those  who have experienced the 'joys' of immanent domain understand some of the difficulties involved. 

Perhaps there will be less corruption associated with this location of the games, but one wonders.......... which place is a more suitable host for the games,  Chicago, hehhehheh, or Rio.

Perhaps the Olympic commitee felt that it would be far too expensive to deal with the amount of greasing that the political machine of Chicago requires.

One wonders what the State of the Ego is after this little setback on the world stage.  

How long a refractory period will be required before the pressing issue of Afghanistan is taken up?


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