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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reprise story of Obama's Safe Schools Czar has gone viral on the net.

The story of former teacher, Kevin Jennings "remembering Brewster" is by no means new. Now that Jennings serves as Safe Schools Czar for the Obama administration, and an audio tape has been uncovered to substantiate the story, the interest is renewed.

Pharmer refers you to the Yid with Lid, who covers the story succinctly, and supplies a link to the audio, as well as to the older story by Warren Throckmorton.

What has gotten everyone nauseated is the knowledge that Mr. Jennings concealed a case of pedophilia (teacher having sex with student) and even encouraged the relationship while he served as a teacher himself, at age 24. Normal people aren't accepting this in their concept of "safe schools".


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