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Saturday, September 26, 2009

More on Census Worker Hung in KY

We've been hearing news spin attempting to downplay the hanging death of a census worker in KY. There are suggestions that it might have been suicide, and that it might be drug related, and not based upon the man's job functions.

Here's the latest from My Way, affirming that the word "Fed" was written on Mr Sparkman's chest with a felt tip pen. He died by asphyxiation, but at the time he was found, it is said that his feet were touching the ground.

As expected, the Washington Times supplies the coverage that few other news sources would.
There's an interview with a Fairfield, Ohio man who was among a group of relatives who first discovered the body of Mr. Sparks. He remains convinced that the death is a homicide. The victim was found hanging naked, with duct tape restraints, taped over his eyes and his census worker tag taped to his neck. The victim's truck was nearby with his clothes in the bed.


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