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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knew this would happen....

A number of people have heard Pharmer complaining about this in advance:
Chasing the H1N1 influenza vaccine would divert attention from formulating a decent vaccine in sufficient quantity to address the usual permutations of flu viruses which spread during the fall and winter months.

Specifically on the blog are requests not to panic, allow the swine flu scare to divert attention from more significant things, and to take into account the risk vs benefit of flu vaccines.

The government is handling the vaccines, and is on spot with another failure as usual.

There is a flu vaccine shortage at our hospitals, and nationally. Also the specific H1N1 flu vaccine yet to be made available, and there is no solid knowledge as to its proper usage or efficacy.

The people who turned Washington DC into a trash pit at the inauguration of Obama, want this the government in charge of the rest of health care, because ......

perhaps because failure is a regular, familiar, and comfortable part of their lives ?????

PFLI memory division recalls the 1976 flu scare and vaccine program which was associated with an uptick in the incidence of Gullain Barre syndrome.

1)Keep your hands off of your face, wash them appropriately, and don't spazz out.

2)It is not polite or appropriate to sneeze on Kathleen Sebelius, although it is tempting.

3)Behave myself ;-)


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