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Friday, September 18, 2009

Delayed Response from AP

After Everyone already knew, and Pelosi finally found out, the AP had to mention that the house has joined the Senate in defunding ACORN.

The amendment was attached to a student funding bill, which got a 345 to 75 vote.

All 75 votes opposing this bill belonged to Democrats, (those to whom child sex slavery is not a sufficient embarrassment to deny funding to the enabling ACORN organization).

Two of the more amusing interviews occurring between the senate and house votes were of Charlie Gibson and Nancy Pelosi, neither of whom had any idea of the senate vote. Gibson was mocked for his response, that he was purposely oblivious of events as he was sailing off the coast of Maine.

(Pharmer memory division dredges up the Palin interview with that Gibson, in which she was castigated for not knowing about a fictitious "Bush doctrine".)

Congress seemed to be in a pretty big hurry to dump ACORN overboard. Obama's response is eagerly awaited. Certainly with his strong ties to ACORN, he is not in an easy position right now.


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