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Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate vote to Cut Off ACORN housing funds

 Screaming headlines in Red are up now on the Drudgereport.

The Johann's amendment #2355 to   HR   3288  was accepted by  83-7 vote.

Ummmm,,  Acorn,  that would be an overwhelming majority.

Apparently shining the light on the nasty habit of fostering child sex slavery has caused some embarrassment, and the Senate no longer feels comfortable handing Billions of Tax Dollars to ACORN.

Now,  Senators and  Representatives............and  you know which ones you are...... it's time for you personally to clean up and stop going after the kiddies yourselves.   This goes for the rest of  the pervs within the judiciary and executive branches also. 

Congratulations to James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, who are are rocketing to stardom.

Good for you!!  It's crazy stuff to get sudden recognition world-wide.   My prayers are for you to manage it well for a lifetime of success.   You deserve that for your creativity and courage.

Extra link on the Brooklyn ACORN sting.


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