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Friday, September 18, 2009

Poland and Czechoslovakia are NOT pleased

that Obama has scrapped the Bush plan for a long range missile DEFENSE system for Eastern Europe.

Reminds those liberals, who style themselves as anti-war, that this was a DEFENSE system, as they remain very confused regarding this. The purpose of the system was to shoot.... down.... missiles which had been launched into Eastern Europe.

Removing it, as the Eastern European nations know, is pretty much an invitation for Russia to begin rebuilding the USSR. Rather than a defense against Iran (the nominal purpose of the system) these nations saw it as a more general means to prevent assimilation into the increasingly ambitious Russian sphere.

Obama appears to think he has inside knowledge that Iran only wants short range missiles and this is his justification for the change in strategic plans.

Hillary sez, this is a decision about Iran, not Russia. (Russia seems to have disappeared off her map.)


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