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Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Andrew Breitbart

At first, Pharmer noticed that was covering stories that were verboten in other news venues. And so there were repeat visits to this news portal.

Later the Big Hollywood, and lastly the Big Government sites appeared.

Washington Times features the creator, Andrew Breitbart this week, and of course he's a conservative. (That's why those forbidden news topics were being carried at his sites).

Good readers, you have some more good news sites to surf after throwing away most major newspapers and magazines. I would recommend hanging on to a few, such as WSJ, NY POST, Wash. Times, because you can find things there which are forbidden in Obama-press.

One more plug for Washington Times. This is the first of major newspapers which had reporters with enough brains to understand the medical issue I brought to the media, and write correctly and succinctly on the medical facts in the initial article. I remain impressed with the quality of writing done for that paper.


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