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Sunday, September 27, 2009

More time for Indoctrination

Obamanator wants to brain wash your kids more thoroughly.

A good number of maniacs believe that the answer to the education problem in America is to expose your kids to incompetent teachers for more days per year.

Pharmer KNOWS, that summer vacation, before the heavy emphasis on group activities, was key to the inventiveness and creativity of Americans. It was the time for kids to make their own fun, and build things.

Education is important if the kids are taught how to think in an organized way, not WHAT to think. The HOW business can be imparted in a few hours per day, for maybe half of the year.
The rest of the wasted time spent at most schools is for lining up, learning herd mentality, and learning what can't be done. This stifles the human drive towards discovery and invention. The stifling is what Obama wants to increase. Scroll down to the Obama Praise song for more of what he has in mind. The excuse for sequestering your kids longer is that you will be working 12 hours per day, six days per week to pay your taxes, and will need the government to babysit and feed your kids.

Fortunately, Obama can't afford what he has in mind. Help him to realize this with your tax strategies if possible. These plans need to be broken as fast as possible.


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