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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Capitol is a Cesspool

Pharmer's extremely low opinion of the federal government and the majority of people within it is further substantiated by the Senate Rejection of Orrin Hatch's amendment to remove abortion funding  from the Baucus  health care legislation.

The repeated refusals of congress to pass amendments which eliminate abortion funding establish that Obama is Lying about excluding abortion in his health care bill.

Pharmer remains convinced that a majority  of  those employed by our federal government in the capitol are extreme perverts.  This is one reason that federal funding for abortion was granted for Washington DC.  It  enables procurement of abortions  for the women and girls, used or abused by members of government, without tracing payment for the abortions back to the malefactors.  The other reason is, in the mind of Dick Durban and others like him, that the population of that city is predominantly Black. 

Our federal government has built up much toxicity, and is in need of a purgative and enema.


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