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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dropped in on the Huffnpuffington Post : pondering the increasing unhappiness of women

Women are trending toward "equality" with men  but at the same time their happiness is trending downward.  As the women progress towards their "manhood" of accomplishments,  their happiness decreases.  It follows  that further progress towards becoming like men, career wise or behaviorally, isn't going to cause a sudden spike in happiness. 
People don't get happy by staring at their navels,  or otherwise obsessing with themselves and their own wants and needs.

We can see that more education, more career success, more sex partners,  more abortions, fewer kids,  and lowered expectations of relationships with men are not  associated with increased happiness.      (How about Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Clinton,  Mrs. Sanford, and Mrs. Letterman..... suffering from lowered expectations, a bit?)

My recommendation for increased happiness is to drop off the last four  trends  from the above list. Add a recognition of the Creator and the order of creation., and put that in front of the first two items above.  

Put the NOW gals out to pasture. 


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