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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, Abortion Funding is written into the House Obamacare bill

Pay attention to Michigan democrat Congressman Bart Stupak, who personally elucidated the Obama scam concerning coverage of abortion in health care.

Stupak got Obama on the phone, and determined that the plan which does not cover abortion is the non-existent Obama plan, a ghost which appears on the president's teleprompter during speeches. The actual written plans being voted on in congress DO cover abortion and any amendments to remove this coverage have been stopped in committee.

If there is no cooperation concerning an amendment to remove abortion funding, Stupak intends to get 40 Dems to join with Republicans to defeat house rules changes that would have allowed the Dems to 'rahm' the health care through with less than 60 percent of votes which are usually needed to shut down opposing debate.

In other words, Rep. Stupak, D. Mich, will oppose Puglosi directly in order to stop the health care bill if abortion funding is not removed.


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