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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tweeting to congress

Maybe  a  quarter to a third of the U.S. congress and senate are using twitter.   I decided to add all of the listed tweeters onto Pharmer1. 

This of course means that I will limit private kinds of posting.  They don't need to know if our plumbing gets clogged, for example. 

What these lucky office staffers of congressional officials will learn, and hopefully pass on to their bosses is what Middle America thinks of them. 

For example,  I would not take my kids to Washington DC for an optional tour of the capitol anymore.  I would not want them to learn details of the lives of our government officials.  There is so little in the capitol to be admired, and so much which is unsuitable for kids.

In other words,  MOST of the population of Capitol hill are perverts.   I encourage the minority of normal people in Washington DC to wear a wet suit and respirator while swimming in that sewer.


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