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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Race Card pulled once more on RUSH

A few readers might know that when Obama told us not to listen to Rush, right away, I purchased a Rush 24/7 subscription.

From the very top, (I believe from the White House) comes the race-card play to grab a big goodie away from Rush, as a punishment for opposing Obama's fascism.

Read what Rush has to say about the invitation to invest in the Rams football team, in the WSJ
, then read my response.

Pulling our money is the best thing we can do. Advertisers take note: We are not spending on the NFL, we are not attending games, there are no games visible on our television, we are buying nothing with an NFL logo.
The NFL does not need us.
Oh, by the way, I am hearing this echoed by lots of other conservatives, including those who don't even listen to Rush. People are tired of the race baiting. The NFL has suddenly become unattractive to the population sector which spent the most money on them. A little NFL outsourcing might be good. The NFL can be renamed 'Global football league'. GFL ...kinda has a ring to it.


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