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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another in the line up of amoral freaks of Obama's administration is Cass Sunstein, the new regulatory Czar.

This one defends the involuntary removal of organs from those who are not dead yet.

In addition comes this gem, collected by World Net Daily, further substantiating my claim that the leftists envision women as sex slaves.

Sunstein argues that refusing to fund abortion "would require poor women to be breeders," while co-opting women's bodies "in the service of third parties" – referring to fetuses.

The only thing which causes a woman to be an obligate or involuntary "breeder" is RAPE: intercourse in the absence of consent. This is apparently in the leftist playbook for women, most of whom will be "poor" under the new socialist regime.

Put a suit on a pervert and this is the visible result.   Pic courtesy of World Net Daily,  linked above


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