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Friday, October 9, 2009


Just a few people realize.... that  the life and times of Pharmer has included a short career in research science.  With that comes the interest in the life and times of accomplished researchers of the past, and a bit cogitation has caused me to REJOICE!

As you know,  the Nobel Prize WAS very frequently given after a significant career and a crowning accomplishment.   That was waaaay back when, in my "salad days". ( A little Shakespearian literary reference there.....)

After the Nobel Prize was given, the recipient could often rest on his laurels and generate income through writing and speaking honoraria.   Tenure was often a means of being put out to pasture...


Yep,  the PRIZE often signaled the decline of serious effort in the  recipient's field of endeavor. James Watson, the Poster Boy of early "retirement", pastured for decades at Harvard, is a prime example.

I am placing my bets......... and am rejoicing, that Obama may now retire from his EFFORTS.


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