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Friday, October 9, 2009

More Laughter at the Nobel Committee

Another Hilarious Choice for Nobel Peace Prize.

MMM MMMM MMMM Barack Hussein Obama!

Yep, After Carter and the Terrorist Arafat got awarded for, ahem, lasting peace in the Middle East, and Al Gore was awarded the same prize for his Global Warming Hoax while the Earth is cooling......

Obama gets a prize too!!!

Is this like those grade schools in which every kid's a winner?

Pharmer's colleagues laughed about it this AM as they came in to relieve our shift. The m\Main Man was laughing about it upon my arrival at the Pharmhaus. He said that our daughter asked about the award: "What did he DO??" Stop the war in Iraq? Get out of Afghanistan? Close "Gitmo"? Nope, but he talked about it.

Talk radio is going to be highly entertaining today, so we'll need to record it for later amusement.


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