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Monday, October 5, 2009

UK reports on Criminal Proceedings against Former U.S. Judge Herman Thomas

The UK DailyMail takes the lead on this story, since former Judge Herman Thomas was once the Democrat party pick for Federal Judge in Alabama. Thomas's stellar legal career had gone awry, with accusations of sexual impropriety with prisoners leading to his resignation back in 2007.

He NOW stands accused of trading sex for reduction in prison terms for a lineup of at least 15 prisoners (fishing buddies) expected to testify at the trial. Physical evidence of the same type available from the Clinton white house is apparently available to substantiate the charges. As has become routine, there are accusations from the defendant of racially based persecution from lying felons. The difficulty with this claim is that the former and current prisoners who accuse the former judge appear to be of his own race. Thomas faces a possible life sentence, with possibilities of more of the same kind of contact, but perhaps in reverse.

This case is fodder for considerable levity regionally, inspiring this parody by Jolene Roxbury.


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