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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's 1st supreme court pick

So what? It's Souter. Obama gets to replace one leftist with another.

Same for the next two most likely retirees. Hopefully replacing the liberals will keep Obama occupied.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too much Feministing....

in her formative years might be responsible for the permanent brain damage suffered by Jessica Valenti, founder of that whacko leftist website.

Jessica claims that other girls will (also) be happier as sexual revolving doors.
Her latest proclamation on the NBC Today Show is that there's no such thing as virginity. (More scary stuff from her early childhood development, perhaps?) Do you think that a period of latency existed for this poor misguided grrl??

Our inoculating needles are hot for this culture. Pass the petri plates.

Here's your chance

To Let Kieth Olbermann have it. Visit this website, and weigh in on Keith grabbing a multimillion dollar salary increase from MSNBC whose parent company, General Electric negotiated a mega billion dollar Bailout from the taxpayers.

Yes, this is the same guy who moaned about other corporate executives receiving their bonuses as previously scheduled before their companies were bailed out.

Hypocrisy is automatically included in every liberal package.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank God

Sen. Arlen Specter is no longer pretending to be a Republican.

Real conservatives were tired of him taking up a space which could have been occupied by one of our kind. A very important piece of housecleaning has been accomplished, which will assist us with future elections.

Thanks for finally stopping your lie, Arlen.

At a time when the Democrat party is showing its anti-life, socialist and racist extremism for all to see, you have chosen to join them officially.

Many of us are happy to see an end to the charade.

Sent to the Drudge Report

The current flu panic is needed to distract us from the governments rapid efforts to socialize the economy, steal our money, and from the current displays of utter incompetence and disorganization.

It would be best for your team to consult with actual virologists and epidemiologists, obtain a sense of proportion, and cease your cooperation with this manipulation of public attention away from the more pressing issues at hand. Remember that in preparation for the Roe V Wade decision, NO EMBRYOLOGISTS were consulted. Stupid things are done by ignorant people.

Please dedicate more of your red headlines to topics which the public needs to address in order to preserve human life in the long run. You can still make money at the same time as you redirect the attention of your readers, who are eager for relief from the same old stuff.

If you would like to avoid respiratory viral illnesses, do not touch your face or eyes without washing your hands first. This practice prevents more illness than all of your red headlines ever will.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Flu Bug: Influenza A H1N1 strain

Below is the letter sent to health care professionals in my state regarding the excitement over the recent flu outbreak from Mexico.

I would like to let you know that we are not as excited about the flu as the media is, but letters like this are to guide the response of health care professionals to people made panicky by the media, which acts to keep us distracted from the latest governmental screw ups.

Dear Colleagues:

On Tuesday, April 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that two recent cases of febrile respiratory illness in children in southern California had been caused by a novel strain of influenza A (H1N1) which had not been reported in the United States or elsewhere previously. The novel virus contains genetic segments from N. American swine influenza A (H1N1), European/Asian swine influenza A (H1N1), N. American avian and human influenza viruses. By April 24, additional cases were being reported from southern California and Texas. At the same time health authorities in Mexico announced an influenza outbreak from this virus in southern and central Mexico. This message is to provide and update and provide guidance to health care workers in Indiana.

This outbreak is very fluid at the moment and changes are occurring daily. Interim guidance is available on the CDC Web site at The ISDH will be developing a page with information for Indiana health professionals and will provide you with the URL as soon as possible.

Current Situation

· World Health Organization reports that 1000+ cases and approximately 81 deaths have occurred in Mexico due to infection with a novel swine influenza virus twenty three cases have been confirmed as Swine Influenza (H1N1) genetically identical to the CA cases.

· In the US confirmed cases have been identified in CA (7), TX (2), Kansas (2) and suspect cases in NYC (8) and OH (4).

o One of the KS cases had a history of travel to Mexico and had transmitted the virus to a close family member

o Other cases, but not all, had travel history to Mexico

o None of the cases report exposure to swine

o No swine or avian outbreaks with this virus stain have been reported in the U.S. or elsewhere

o Transmission appears to be human-to-human.

· All US cases have been mild cases with one case requiring a brief hospitalization.

· The World Health Organization is meeting to determine if Pandemic Level should be changed

· Increased surveillance for influenza has been initiated by CDC, IN, and other states

· Current seasonal influenza vaccine may not provide protection.

Clinical Information

· Consider the possibility of swine influenza in patients who present with a febrile respiratory illness who:

o Live in an area where swine influenza cases have been confirmed.

o Have traveled to Mexico or areas were virus has been reported.

o Had contact in the past 7 days with ill individuals who had recent history of travel to Mexico, or States reporting swine influenza.

· Clinical symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to those of seasonal influenza and may include:

o Fever (greater than 100 degree F)

o Sore throat

o Cough

o Stuffy nose

o Chills

o Headache and body aches

o Fatigue

o Nausea and vomiting have also been reported

o Severe illness (respiratory distress and pneumonia) have been reported in people with this virus.


· The virus is sensitive to Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Relenza (zanamivir) and guidance for the use of those drugs in ill individuals is presented at

· Isolation is recommended for those who are ill

· Quarantine for contacts of cases may be used in limited circumstances on a voluntary basis

· Infection control for care of patients confirmed or suspected of having an infection with Swine Influenza A (H1N1) in health care settings can be found at

· Interim guidance on the use of facemask in community settings can be found at

Resources for Patient Education (some contain printable materials for patients)

· CDC Influenza page:

· Taking Care of a Sick Person in Your Home

· Seasonal Flu: what to do if you get sick:

* Preventing the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs:

Judy Monroe, MD

State Health Commissioner

Obama's talking TO TOTUS NOW !!!

No lie......... it was noticed during his Monday speech to the National Academy of Sciences. Obama's actually addressing TOTUS now (pretending to give it commands). But indications are that the chain of command is really opposite, with the teleprompter on top.

It's one gaffe after another for the Obama administration.

New Yorkers are steamed by the airforce photo op flyby. We have liberals playing with the military personnel and equipment as though they are toys, with the obvious response from jumpy New Yorkers who have that 911 attack on their minds.

Obama Thinks a Doctor Shortage might Impede his Health Care Goals


This is the cosponsor of FOCA (the forced participation in abortion bill) which will run a whole lot of health professionals out of practice.

So if Obama thinks he has a shortage of physicians now.......... wait till he finds out what happens after he gives his pro abortion pals what they want.

Of course Obama could import a lot of physicians from countries in which abortion is used as birth control.

Most particularly the problem is that primary care practice doesn't bring in enough to pay the student loans and feed the lawyers.

It's rough with so many parasites to be supported.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CFO of Freddie Mac found dead of hanging at home

David Kellermann, appointed CFO of Freddie Mac in Sept of 2008, was found dead by hanging in the basement of his home at about 4:30 am. The police appear convinced that he hung himself.
Kellermann (age 41) was with Freddie Mac for 16 years, and assumed his most recent position after the resignation of Anthony Piszel.

Certainly more details will follow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California, dissed by gay Grand Dragon, Perez Hilton

I don't normally pay attention to beauty pageants, but this one has the metaphors banging heads. KKK, NAZI, STALINIST. I'll just reach out and pick a repressive regime.......

JA! VE should all be gooze stepping mit ze NAZI-like Perez Hilton! Any disagreement eez NOT Tolerated.

The 'queen of all media' (Ja he calls heemself that) has violent thoughts for Fraulein California (Carrie Prejean) who disagreed with heem on ze issue of Gay marriage.

ZO! Read this above link and laugh at ze buffoon Perez Hilton.

Und if you really vant to anger him, discuss ze possible medical consequences of ze activities azzosiated mit heez lifestyle in a social setting, zo as to educate zee masses.

Obama-care eez not going to effectively cover for such medical issues in zee future! Vake up call!


Pigford Promises

Obama had brought up the issue of the Pigford case during his campaign, and promised to support Black farmers who had been denied bank loans. Hundreds of millions in payouts had been already allocated to 16000 farmers who had claims of loan discrimination in the original Pigford case. Obama had supported bringing another round of discrimination claims (those who failed to file during the original opportunity).

Farmers are angered at indications that this campaign promise is no longer being supported by the Obama administration.

There will, of course be more of this, because Obama has promised his constituency much more gravy than we tax payers could ever afford.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cybersecurity Act of 2009

The people at Electronic Frontier Foundation are warning us about the Cybersecurity Act of 2009.

This one just about as bad as government running healthcare. Probably more internet savvy individuals would consider both ideas equally bad.

This 2009 act would place the internet security infrastructure under control of the government. This of course would give government the final control over any secure data, such as your health and your financial data.

Here's a particularly scary portion of the bill:

The Secretary of Commerce— shall have access to all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access…

This pretty much gives the government the back door into all your data without the requirement of a court order, or any other emergency reason for accessing it.

It also presupposes (without good evidence) that the government could create or maintain more secure systems than private industry.

Friday, April 17, 2009

everyone is talking about Susan Boyle

Yep... that small-town Scottish woman is one great singer. And she's got attitude.

You don't need a link to her Youtube video.. it's EVERYWHERE.

Already there are some claws being displayed by people who have played the game for many years, but don't have the natural gift that Boyle has.

I think she might be able to handle show biz just fine.

Hear her only recorded song, from 1999, on a CD cut for charity.

Fast Comedian, Slow Atheist

Stephen Colbert has some fun with Bart Ehrman, who is not fast enough for primetime.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Bart Ehrman
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

An appendage of GE needs to be amputated

The CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt, and President of NBC, Jeff Zucker appear worried that their network might be seen as bashing Obama too much.

Yes, GE has many defense and government contracts to protect, and we know that Obamadems will try to tie these to corporate support for their U.S.-destroying policies.

Possibly the government business with GE outweighs the remainder of their business.
There could be a boycott to test this. Maybe the folks at GE could grow a brain and sell off the embarrassment that is NBC. (Wonder who would buy it....)

The least painful thing would be for the gangrenous NBC, as well as other mainstream media to continue towards their necrotic end. I feel a bit sad for the few employees at cNBC who have begun their connection to reality. They remain a tiny minority, and should use their current notoriety to job hunt now. Get a REAL JOB, bringing real news and info to the people.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much Nicer than POTUS reading TOTUS

It was MUCH nicer hearing my neighbors speaking their beliefs articulately,
than hearing that guy reading his TELEPROMPTER.

About 300 attendees from areas surrounding Lawrenceburg Indiana gathered next to the courthouse for TEA.
People are naturally eloquent when speaking from the heart, and the speeches of my neighbors were impressive.

Very few of our leaders can speak honestly anymore.

Let's fix this problem with our votes and with the way we manage our finances.


The Tea Party closest to me is being held in S. E. Indiana in Lawrenceburg.

Here's the scoop:
Tea Party at 6:00 PM EDT on High Street in front of the Courthouse
Lawrenceburg, INDIANA 47025
A sound system is provided for speakers who want to respectfully and cogently address the crowd on tax issues.
"We are not a REP/DEM event, and we do plan on scheduling a future meeting, indoors with seating, to carry this forward with the intention of taking back our country, and getting back to our Constitution. This is inspired by the Glen Beck 912 Project. " <--- contact Find your own tea party HERE.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, and yes Gingrich is Catholic now

Happy Easter !

And the news of two weeks ago that Newt Gingrich "snuck" into the Church at a private ceremony (at St Joseph's on Capitol Hill) on March 30, rather than coming in with the crowds at the Easter Vigil Mass.

Some people think that the religious conversion is a strategy for a run for president. That is stupid. Being Catholic won't help him a bit for political purposes. Might help him in some other way.....

But ol Newt did have some stuff to say about Notre Dame hosting Obamanator for commencement. Gingrich thinks that prolifers ought to have their own little tea parties at the same time as Notre Dame commencement, to discuss the Obama policies and what to do about them.

Newt got religion. It'll be interesting to see his output in the coming years.

*Prior coverage here

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Obama half brother BUSTED

Sampson Obama..... ANOTHER half brother of Barack Obama has been refused a visa in the UK. Seems that brother Sampson took a side trip to the UK to visit relatives, on his way to the Obama swearing in ceremony. He was denied a passport due to a prior incident in which he was accused of a sexual assault involving a teenager.

Though this news story has a bad date on it (obviously wrong year), it is useful for understanding some more of the complex family relationships of Obama, resulting from his wandering paternal unit.

It's also of some use to pull out next time a leftie expresses dismay that the Palins refuse to abort their unplanned or their disabled kids.

Obama - Carter on Steroids: estradiol and norethindrone.

The Somalian Pirates, aka-merchant marine organizers, who have been praised for their business acumen by our liberals, have gotten a taste of blood. They took one ship, the crew fought back, but the pirates are still holding the Captain of that ship in a life boat for ransom.

Obama has no idea what to do with a few pirates and a hostage. Obama is Carter on steroids: female hormones, estradiol and norethindrone. You know what those hormones do to a guy. Correct. Nothing remains of the maleness.

The Somalian Merchant Marine Organizers have taken another US owned vessel, a tugboat and 16 crew.

Happy Easter weekend, from Obama.

This lady could be the Grandmother from Hell

A Dallas mom lost her son in a senseless street killing, but she was fast on her feet. She had a urologist collect testicular tissue for him so that he could posthumously bring forth grandchildren.

Mom says that her son was an "old soul" and had expressed his desire for children, even picking out favorite names.

Ethicists are in a quandary about this. Mind you, "ethicists" have no problem with KILLING THE UNBORN FOR TISSUE AND STEM CELLS, or even for sport, but they're all worried about the use of a sperm donation from a dead guy. Interesting priorities. Mind you, I think that sperm donation is a ethical problem which causes more problems than it would ever solve. But at least it has a more positive motivation than the above mentioned killing business , for which ethicists have been bending themselves into pretzel shape to provide justification.

Today's bioethicists are completely upside down and inside out. Why do people bother with them??

Practically speaking though, this Dallas lady would be so wrapped up in any grandchildren produced from her efforts, she'll drive the kids crazy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Conscience rights of health care professionals

Comment period at Dept of Heath and Human Services is coming to a close.

Last chance to express support for Conscience rights of health care professionals.

Support continuance of the protective regulation put in place during the Bush administration in Dec 2008.

Comment here:
at Natl Committee for Human Life Amendment,
or here:
Freedom 2 Care

Comment deadline midnight 4/9/09


Stem cell argument is dead, sez Dr. Oz to Oprah

Oprah's buddy, Dr Oz, tells her, and Michael J Fox that embryonic stem cell research won't work, and adult stem cell research will work, on his Parkinson's disease.

No Tolerance for BC pills

Oakton High School in Fairfax County, MD has suspended a student who was caught popping a pill at lunchtime.

Seems the school has a zero tolerance drug policy, so that all meds must be administered at the school office, or not at all.

In an interesting twist, however, the liberal press is a bit worked up because this student was supposedly behaving "responsibly" by taking birth control, and the suspension for this behavior is tragic to them.

Scheduling the birth control administration at noon?? This was never taken up by the Washington Post article which discusses the story. There really is no reason for the girl to need those pills at school for once daily administration. If she requires noon administration of the pill (perhaps the minipill, which requires the most regular administration) due to her late weekend sleeping habits, why can't she wait in line with all the kids who take Ritalin at lunchtime? If Mom and the rest of the world knows that she needs to use the pill, there should be no difficulty with complying with school regulations.

Strict drug policies at schools stem from fears of drug abuse, combined with worries about liabilities for students who share drugs with friends who are allergic. Lawyers have been feeding at this trough. Obsessive caution has become economically vital.

This brings up the topic of shared birth control. Yes, those packs can be split into Yuzpe regimens which functioned as the first "morning after pills" before exclusively labeled regimens were marketed, and still function as such in many locations today. It's a stupid idea, but certainly not new.

Reminder: The morning after pill works no better than the withdrawal method. Both stink as birth control.

And the last blast: It's not an allergic kid's vital need for inhalers at the ready, or an Epipen to prevent anaphylaxis, which will tone down the school drug policies. It will be the liberals WHINING about the "right" to be able to take birth control pills at any time of day, (whenever the girl happens to remember them).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank

I bet this will be all over talk radio today...........

Local Money

Some communities are printing their own currency as a way to encourage people to buy locally, reinvesting in their own community. Often the currency is purchased for slightly less than its face value.

There are now "cheers" in Detroit, "hours" in Ithaca NY, and Berkshares in Berkshire, MA.

The currency is legal as long as it is not passed as federal currency nor resembles it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BIG BLUE WAVE: Dr. Laura Defends the Pope on the Condom Issue

BIG BLUE WAVE: Dr. Laura Defends the Pope on the Condom Issue

I like this cool auto link function. Some things are worth repeating, such the above linked statement from Dr. Laura Schlessinger along with my my prior acknowlegement of the Pope's correctness on the results of condom use.

Congratulations to Dr. Laura, who has been persistently unapologetic for expecting humans to act as morally responsible creatures. Read her whole commentary here.

Oh look! Harvard's Dr. Edward C Green submitted a commentary to the Washington Post .
We've found a researcher who's not completely nailed down to orthodoxy! A rare catch.

North Korea Launched a Rocket

I don't suppose that Obama will much to say about this, and since it was on the weekend, same goes for our mainstream media.

But the very Androgynous Kim Jong Il launched a rocket right out over Japan. The Japanese claim to have been watching for debris, but finding no problem, did not intervene. The prime minister, Taro Aso, called it a 'very provocative act'.

There is some Bull-story from N. Korea that a satellite is now in orbit, as a result of this launch, but it must be invisible. ;-)

Your friendly Pharmer is waiting for Obama to get finished arranging his new gray hairs in symmetrical order in order to deliver some form of appropriate response from the teleprompter.


Friday, April 3, 2009

A bit of Racism with that Abortion

To long time, Pro life people, this is a bit of non-news, but the uninitiated probably would find some interest in the commentary.

Marie Stopes International, a London UK abortion facility has been beleaguered by investigations into its policies of practice, since the death of a 15 year old girl who received an abortion there. To compound this, there are accusations that anaesthesiologist Narendra Sharma engaged in sex activity with sedated patients, and an atmosphere of unprofessionalism and rampant racism. A former administrator at the facility, Andrea Blair has been giving the inside view at Court hearings in Manchester, England.

Those of us who have been dealing with the radical pro-abortion element, and who understand the character of founder, Margaret Sanger, see these new tales as just more of operations as usual.

A recent case of assault against abortion protestors has the Thomas More Law Center utilizing the hate crimes laws against an abortion clinic worker. It seems that an irate Kieth Sterkeson had some choice words for protesters Eric Nelson and Kevin Rilott, in addition to physically assaulting them, calling them 'faggot' and referring to Nelson as halfbreed, and referring to his Black ancestry using the the now Forbidden Word.

While I am fully in agreement with legal pursuit of Sterkeson for being unable to keep his hands to himself, the hate crime concept is just stupid and needs to be abandoned.

A crime is a crime, and the finer points of motivation need not be weighed when determining the penalty. Rather, I'm in favor of the existing video of Sterkeson being used to the fullest extent, as a window into the inherently racist/bigoted mind of the pro-abortion extremist.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Congresswoman Barney Frank

Yep, she did it........ Pelosi referred to Barney Frank as "congresswoman". She caught her blunder, but the folks at Gay Patriot took note of it, and got a big laugh.

I'll keep trying to grab the soundbite of that Freudian slip. It's pretty good.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

US Government to back GM and Chrysler warranties