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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Tax Cheat in Obama's Cabinet

There are many reasons for suggesting that the moral imperative for contributing to the IRS has disappeared. Here are just a few.

For one, Obama will be spending our money on his personal holocaust, unlimited abortions and unregulated infanticides.

For two, Obama wishes for the military to pledge allegiance to him, not the American people.

For three, Obama has been appointing tax cheats to his Cabinet. Tom Daschle is the latest addition. He hasn't been counting his donated limo service as income for years. Because of his nomination, as head of Health and Human Services Daschle has decided suddenly to pay up.

If the big guys don't have to pay taxes, should you?
Note, that they aren't subjected to penalties for their malfeasance.

Are you motivated to go out, work those extra hours, pay big taxes for these fools to waste on their constituency?

Time to tell the IRS that you're taking a LOT of vacation this year.


Update on the Octuplets

This is rich, and it isn't going to look good for the fertility docs in California.

The Octuplets' mom already had six kids, all produced by invitro fertilization. Mom decided to have the rest of her embryos implanted. They all survived. She refused selective reduction, (killing some of the babies, which is frequently in these kinds of cases).

The Mom is 33, never married, lives with parents, and her mother is said to have filed for bankruptcy last March.

When asked by an associate how she could afford all those invitro procedures, the mom said that she was being paid for them, according to this AP story.

Your friendly Pharmer has suspicions about this woman's physicians' decision to implant the large number of embryos, and therest of the medical personnel involved. Comment will be withheld until the rest of the story unfolds.

Stay tuned to what appears to be an ongoing medical experiment, on a very durable female. It will be interesting to learn who is the source of funding.


Friday, January 30, 2009

If you Thought Teens Could Stop Pregnancy with Birth Control Drugs

Think again. It's easy for the teens to get the morning after pill and other birth control drugs and devices in the UK, but the number of teens having repeat abortions is up 70 percent since 1991.

Another failed social policy from the left.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Public Relations Problem for Kaiser Permanente

News from Wilmington, CA:

That well known HMO, casting its shadow over the Western US, (and foretelling what is to come with socialized medicine), has brought itself another public relations problem.

It seems managers at Kaiser Permanente indelicately handled the dismissal of two employees
, and an over-reaction to this lead to the murder of five children followed by suicide of the parents. Indications suggest that both parents were cooperating in this plan.

While it's not appropriate to blame good ol' Kaiser for this tragic event, and the terrible decision of the parents, a perusal of the initial story will indicate that the company deserves the negative public relations fallout, due to their poor interactions with the dismissed employees.

For example, when firing an employee, it is best not to suggest that he should have blown his brains out, even in an indirect manner. The employee might take the suggestion literally. This might cause negative repercussions, as in the current case of the Lupoe family.

My prediction from going over the news stories is that Kaiser Permanente is going to face some questions regarding adherence to HIPAA regulations.

This is sad, sad stuff.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Octuplets in California

This is from about 5 hours ago...... so the clock sez. A woman has just given birth to Octuplets in Kaiser Permanante Bellflower Medical Center, south of Los Angeles in California. The kids appear vigorous but are quite small. Weights range between 1.8 and 3.4 lbs, report the two docs, Karen Maples and Harold Henry.

The babies, six boys and two girls, are 9 weeks premature, and were delivered by C section.
Prayers for these kids, so that they survive care at Kaiser Permanente.

The last set (Chukwa family) of octuplets were born in TX. Seven babies: girls Ebuka, Gorom, Chidi, Chima and Echerem, and their brothers Ikem and Jioke, survived and are now 10 years old. Parents Their parents, Nkem Chukwu and Iyke Louis Udobi, report astonishment that all have grown up happy and healthy.
Chukwu directed this to the new parents in California:
"Just enjoy it. It's a blessing, truly a blessing," Chukwu said. "We'll keep praying for them."


Pelosi at odds with Japanese company

Speaker of the House, Pelosi, is being roundly castigated for her statement in a Stephanopoulos interview that contraception is needed to cut costs in this declining economy. Remember that for the Democrats, any method is OK for reducing the number of children who require government assistance: birth control, abortion, and our new president has supported the practice of infanticide in his home state.

Pelosi is convinced that the government cannot support the children of this class of dependent people who supported Obama.
It's necessary to make these people stop having babies. Killing off 50 percent of Black Babies in the U.S. is not enough. There needs to be further injection of federal funds (your tax dollars) into the family planning (abortion) industry. While the average age of Americans at death has risen to 78, Pelosi wishes to cut out the basis of the ponzi social security plan, by reducing the number of young people.

Japan, now having only 1.34 kids per couple has figured out that cutting births is not helping their economy. For years, the various governmental bodies have been providing financial incentives for making babies. Now the private industry is offering assistance, with Canon now sending its workers home early (5:30 pm) for two days a week, for the express purpose of being with their families (i.e., MAKING BABIES).

Is Nancy Pelosi crazy? Absolutely.

There's a possibility that even some democrats realize this, as they're thinking of dropping crazy birth control funding from the stimulus package.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama wants to Break his own rule

Obama promised more transparancy, and new restrictions on the access and use of lobbyists in his government.

The only problem is that he wanted to break his own rule, two days after announcing it. See, Obama wants to utilize a lobbyist (William Lynn) from defense contractor, Raytheon, as his deputy defense secretary. Yep. The guy has limited short term recall. He can't remember his own rules for even a week.

This is gonna be fun.

Congrats to CNN host Campbell Brown for daring to mention this. I wonder if she'll keep her job for long. Maybe she wil. It seems that CNN is hoping to survive the great boycott by mentioning Obama's name in vain a few times.

Newsbusters has identified another CNN's Howard Kurtz labeling MSNBC as the 'Obama Network':

"After some discussion, Kurtz hammered home the point:

"Wasn't he really saying, "If you like Barack Obama, this is the network to watch?"

Guest Amanda Carpenter of nodded her head, smiled, and said, "Right."

Kurtz replied: "Okay, well then I just want to be clear about it, because MSNBC denies that it has moved to the left, and I think the evidence is pretty strong."


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recycling Guantanamo Detainees to Al-Qaeda

OK, I've got it now.... Obama thinks this is a video game. He knows that the guys let loose from Guantanamo Bay prison have been going back to their old terrorist buddies, but I bet he likes that. Just like a video game, just reset it and play again.

These two guys, Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, and Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi, released from Guantanamo are out there, starring in cool Al-Quaeda movies for us to watch. Isn't that da BOMB!! In fact, it seems, so far that 11 percent of those released from Guantanamo are known to be back in the terrorist game. YAAAA, Obama. Yes we CAN, do it all again. Let em ALL loose. Reset the video game and play again (with our soldier's lives). What the hell, if Obama thinks it's OK to blow away newborns and unborns by the millions, what's the big deal about wasting a few thousand soldiers??

Obama's doing WHAT???

Did that Fox commentator really say Obamas are fisting in public????


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post-inaugural Wasteland

Here is a revised estimate of the crowd size at the Inaugural ceremonies. Once predicted to be 4 million, the actual crowd seems to have been a good deal smaller, based upon estimates from the satellite views. WaPo gives various estimates in its article.

An account of the huge trash cleanup indicates that the crowd gathered to celebrate on Jan 20th did not leave a light carbon or garbage footprint. And below is a video that says it all, except for the port-o-let issue.
Calculations from our school's 8th grade algebra students reveal that NO WAY was 5000 port-o-lets enough to hold all the crap! We're planning to suggest this intellectual exercise as an addition to the next edition algebra texts. Similar calculations of volume and capacity, suggested by the articles and video, are welcome.


Caroline Kennedy's real reason for not getting Hillary's Senate Seat.

Yup....... another scandal brewing. But the news has had crossed eyes over this story, unable to decide if Caroline Kennedy was in or out of Patterson's view, to replace Hillary.

'It's personal', said the NY Post, and each media source has its own version of what went on. Did the departure have to do with her concern over Teddy Kennedy's latest seizure, or did it have to do with her nanny, whom some have said is not here legally, and the complicated workers compensation issue? Some cite marriage difficulties with hubby Ed Schlossberg, which Caroline Kennedy is said to have denied. Gossip columns have linked Ms. Kennedy with Arthur Sutzberger, NY Time publisher, and some conjecture appears at the Pat Dollard Blog.


Prospective Secretary of Treasury - dodging taxes

Here's a little more from Bloomberg regarding the failure of Timothy Geithner, (Obama's pick for Secretary of the Treasury) to properly file and pay his taxes.

You'll have no chance of seeing this in the general media, so grab it up and pass it on. The rules which apply to us are not applicable to those chosen to lead us. They simply have no respect for the rule of law.

Trying to squeeze out of as many taxes as possible is good sport, and expected of the business-savvy types. But once the IRS tells them they've come up short, the usual American businessman would cough up the money. But not Timothy Geithner. He's above the rest of us. He didn't cover the full sum of social security taxes until he was aware of being picked for Obama's cabinet.

Going over his taxes further reveals some more irregularities, and Tom Blumer of News Busters and Bizzy Blog gives a readable analysis. Apparently Geithner deducted from his taxes for overnight summercamp, which does not fall under the child care tax credit. When warned of this by his accountant, he refused to make amendments. In addition he failed to pay the tax penalty on retirement funds which he withdrew. (Why would this 'highly skilled financier' need to dip into his retirement funds??) Answer: he isn't really that good.

Yep, Obama's got another dud, a shining example for whom the usual laws and penalties do not apply, which will further demotivate independent American businessmen from full participation in IRS festivities every April 15th. (Review, for comparison, the social fallout from the Clinton/Lewinski sex education program.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Shrinking Newsmags

Everyone else is doing the inauguration, so I'm not.

However some of the Fallout is here. The Washington Post gives a most kind and gentle analysis of the SHRINKAGE of Time and Newsweek Magazines, and the reduction of U.S News and World Report to a monthly website.

There aren't enough Lefties who read, to sustain these magazines. They're wasting away, internal morale is in the septic tank, and we don't need 'em anymore.
A Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, has infused 250 million into the NY Times and now has 17 percent control of what remains.

Also in the WaPo is another kind analysis as to why some of the inaugural balls are not well attended, tickets being sold at discount, and why some are actually being canceled, such as (no surprise), the Veterans Ball at the St. Regis hotel. Betcha that would have been a no show from the Obamas.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck's first Television Show

Friday, January 16, 2009

You Might Wish to AVOID this DC Hotel...

..... because some activities planned to be held on the premises may leave unsavory secretions and residues in the hotel rooms.

On this weekend, prior to the inauguration, festivities called the (MAL) Mid Atlantic Leather Maneuvers, are being held at the Doubletree by a sadomasochistic group, and this has gotten the Americans for Truth in a tizzy.

Don't view this link unless you are unfazed by graphic descriptions of extreme left-recreation.

The squeamish, who wish not to rent a room after extremely odd activities have taken place there, might wish to avoid this DC Hotel.

Doubletree Hotel Washington, 1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, just blocks from the White house. 202-232-7000, or 800 492-5195, owned by Hilton hotels 310-278-4321. The management claims that while the reservations have been made, they had no idea of the activities planned by the MAL group.


Everyone has done the Hudson River Plane Crash

So I won't. Except congratulations to Pilot Chesley Sullenberger, for doing a phenomenal job.

Heard this guy has a glider expertise as well as being a regular pilot with a whole lot of varied experience. Find his data here

Prominent Ohio "Catholic Democrat" Leader busted on prostitution charges

Eric McFadden is known for Heading up Ohio Governor Strickland's, Faith Based Initiatives office , and for his leadership of Catholics for Faithful Citizenship, and for his support of Hillary, Kerry, Obama, et al.

He's also in the news now, for promoting prostitution in his home town of Columbus Ohio, and for pandering obscenity involving a minor.

This story will not be available from the mainstream media because it is NOT news. It's usual and normal for Democrats to be involved in this type of activity. However, if a Republican is caught in this kind of activity it's bigger news than a large plane or train wreck.

So, catch the details and for fun, check to see how much play this story has in y
our news sources.

The Columbus OH Dispatch paper lets us know that the lucky Mrs. McFadden lost her car to police impoundment, because her hubby used it as a backdrop for promotional pics of a 17 year old prostitute.

McFadden considered his outreach in promoting the Democratic politicians to to be “a voice to Catholics so they can stand up and say, ‘I am a Catholic Democrat, and I’m proud and these are the principles that I believe in.’”

Well, OK................something to believe in. The democrat party has long been too full of kink for a compliant Catholic.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raccoon- Shame to Waste!

This story is more fun than Obama's new pick for Treasury secretary, who apparently does not know how to file his taxes, nor what to do when the IRS informs him about his oversight.

On to Raccoon, the latest culinary rage...

If you need a little more excitement in your life than venison, and don't mind soaking your meat in brine overnight, boiling it forever, then putting it out on the barbie, you might like raccoon.

Get the animals which have been trapped, however. Forget the road kill. Squishing the guts and scent glands won't be good for the flavor of the meat.

The author of the reference, linked above, quotes assurances that the meat is healthy, and that the problem of raccoons being a reservoir for rabies is an isolated East Coast phenomenon.

As far as game goes, it seems that raccoon carcasses are fairly reasonable in price. One must be tolerant of the single remaining paw on the body, left as proof that it's not a cat or dog.

This author really appreciated the cooking tips, since we have an over-abundance of raccoon Down on the Pharm. I'm needing good recipes for possum too, which exist here- in equal proportion to the raccoon.

Comments or advice?

Woman told to have MRI done at the Zoo

A five foot, 275lb woman claims that she was advised at her hospital to try the Kansas City Zoo for her MRI, because she couldn't fit in their apparatus.

After much searching and embarrassment, she finally located open sided equipment which would accomodate her girth, and allow scanning of a spinal injury.

"They should have machines that fit most everybody", she said.


They should have people who fit most MRI apparatus.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mom who killed baby girl is allowed partial custody of the twin brother.

Yes, Canada's demented child welfare and justice system allows this woman to be with this defenseless infant three days per week, AFTER she KILLED his SISTER. The U.S. system really is not reliably different.

If you are normal, this will cause nausea: The "mom" delivered a little girl, cut the cord, stuffed her into a plastic bag and left the baby to die in the trunk of her car. She then went to the hospital three days later with abdominal pain and delivered the girl's twin brother there. The docs discovered a second cord connection on the placenta. This induced a search for the missing sibling which revealed the dead baby girl curled in a bag in the trunk of "mom's" car.

Another blogger is noting that selective reduction of siblings in the womb (killing one or more of multiple human fetuses) is fine, according to the law.
Perhaps the court sees this fact and finds that it's OK for the little baby boy to be left with the mother who murdered his sister.

Fortunately this blogger and the reporter who submitted the story are sufficiently shocked for me to know that some normal people remain in Canada.


A Smaller Party for the Big "O"

It appears that inaugural festivities will not be quite as large as initially expected.

The original estimates were that 4 million visitors would clot the highways and byways of Washington DC for this big party. This is only one of the factors which caused me to scuttle the trip for which I had reserved vacation days.

The Washington Post (yes, I'm actually linking them because they need the help) tells of multitudinous prospective renters who still "have room in the inn" for inaugural partyers.

Maybe if you wait until the very last minute, you can get a great rental deal. I'm suspecting that festivities at this event are far out of the reach of the average Obama supporter, however.

One of Reuters dumb headlines

Obese Americans now outweigh the merely overweight

Yep..... they intended to say that there are now more obese Americans than there are overweight Americans who are not yet obese. They needed to use the word "outnumber" instead of "outweigh", but, being mainstream journalists, they didn't have that simple word in their lexicon.

Instead, there's this whacked out headline, stating that the obvious-by-definition is somehow a new occurrence.

Three cheers for Reuters!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby screened for breast cancer gene is born.

What this title really means is that any of this couple's offspring who carried a gene, which is strongly associated with cancer in the father's family, have been killed in order to eradicate the genetic characteristic from the family's descendants. A baby without the gene was allowed to live until birth.

This is another example of curing disease by killing those humans which are potentially afflicted, while they are very young, perhaps at the embryonic or fetal stage.

Read an article which attempts to put a big happy face on this policy which required the demise of the Hippocratic Oath.

I wonder if this family understands the infectious origin of many cancers. They've only prevented one type.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

John Zeigler interviews Sarah Palin

Zeigler is putting out a film documentary about Media Malpractice. Expect Sarah Palin to figure large in this, due to her being prime target of the leftist misogyny.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This ad from the 1930s answers a burning question from my retail pharmacy days....
Why would customers wander up and down the feminine hygiene aisle, then come up to the pharmacy counter asking for LYSOL????

click on the ad to enlarge it.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They did it

Roland Burris was turned away, and not permitted to be seated with the U.S. Senate this morning.

I guess the fear of criticism for the corruption is a greater weight than the race issue for the Democrats this year.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vaclav Klaus, a guy with a brain

It seems that the European Union top position migrates over to Czechoslovakia and to Vaclav Klaus, the perennially popular president of that country.

I've heard this guy before. He's been featured on U.S. programs for opposing the religious concept of man made global warming, and his arguments are well researched and persuasive. So far as I know, the high priest of the global warming religion, Al Gore hasn't been up to the challenge of debate with President Klaus.

Media acolytes of global warming-ism don't exhibit a fondness for the Czech president as
made transparent in the Times Online.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

obama and another ponzi scheme?

Remember old Norman Hsu, that democratic fundraiser who's in trouble for a 60 million dollar ponzi scheme?

Visit here for the letter requesting a 60 day delay of his trial. Seems that the lawyers worry about the negative publicity from being mentioned in the news with Madhoff's much bigger operation.

Also mentioned is a possible connection between Obama and Hsu.

bailout for newspapers?

A lawmaker from Connecticut, Frank Nicastro, feels that it's the government's job to bail out the newspapers. That's to be expected from a guy up in the northeast. Government does it all up there.

The rest of us with more than half a brain see a huge conflict of interest in the case of government funding the press. We might as well have Pravda.

I feel that it's our duty to boycott the portion of the media and press which is already owned by our new government, and continue to support our alternative media.