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Monday, September 7, 2009

Celebrating Get the Unions Off of Your Back Day

Happy Labor Day, and remember to do what you can to get the unions off your back.

Unions used to be good for something way back when the labor force was in need of more humane work conditions. Now Unions are good for dismantling industry, destroying healthcare and the very fabric of the nation, as well as spending dues on the leadership, and on political candidates whom their constituency wouldn't have supported if they were paying attention to politics.

The current erosion of democrat support is due an awakening of the American Producers to the realities of their tax dollars being used to remove their liberty. This is why Obama's numbers, in 9 short months have entered the territory of Gerald Ford after Watergate.

I see a lot of craftsmen and real working people at the tea parties now. This is the grass roots movement that the Obamatrons call the Mob (to call attention from their own mobsters for hire, beating our tea partiers up).

It's time for America's real workers to realize, like Reagan, that the democrat party has left us normal people behind. The new party might be the Republicans, (but only after a series of colonic scrubs and enemas) or maybe the Libertarians or a Producer's party, designed to look after the interests of people who DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR A LIVING.


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