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Thursday, September 3, 2009

On Shamanism vs. Hoping in God's Mercy

There are people who practice their religion at the level of shamanism. These are the ones whose vision of the Deity is of One who might fulfill requests if certain favors are proffered, or incantations and rituals are performed.
Ted Kennedy's faith appeared to have been at that level, though he claimed to be Catholic. I believe that many of his own family are thinking at that level, as evidenced by the funeral mass, and their request for God to grant them Obamacare, in the name of Kennedy.

This probably puzzles the rest of practicing Jews and Christians, who understand that God has moral expectations, for us to live according to his design for humans. Our sincere attempt to adhere to this design is demonstration of our recognition of God and belief in His benevolence. Ultimately we rely on God's mercy and love for his created beings.

Ted's letter to Pope Benedict calls to mind the New Testament story (Luke 18:9-14) of that Pharisee enumerating his good works, and the tax collector...

It's a good thing for Ted that Catholics have the purgatory holding tank, or that boy would be flushed! ;-) ;-)

Ted is really lucky that I'm not "partners with God in matters of life and death", as Obamanator thinks he is... hehhehheh...

Through all the mental meandering and evil humor, there remains the ultimate recognition that God determines these matters, and His standards are certainly different and more merciful than mine.


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