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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama White House: Women incapable of writing on complex issues, or........

like Blacks, they are not permitted to be conservative.... or both.

The Politico informs us that an unnamed White House senior official expressed doubt of Palin's ability to write her own stuff or consider the complexities of health care.

We do know that the leftists abuse and assault Black conservatives, and the same could be expected for women. Perhaps there are three reasons for the tenor of the Whitehouse in disrespecting Palin.
It could be simply the traditional Leftist practice of abusing women, seen among so many of the leaders and acolytes, or it could be due to the cultural upbringing of the president. (From a feminist standpoint, the social status of a Muslim woman is not to be envied.) Lastly, there is the possibility that Obama's envy of Palin's ability to speak extemporaneously and without a teleprompter drives this maltreatment.

Don't look for any increase in respect for women under the new health care regime either.

But for now, the face of Obama's white house shows disrespect for Palin and all women, while behind the scenes it issues spin and talking points to counter each statement put out by the former Alaskan governor.


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