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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sex Texting Your Kid


Your kid can get free sex advice from an anonymous adult via the cell phone.

I guess this is one more reason to take care of your kids' sex ed yourself. If you're uncomfortable broaching this topic with your own children, guess what! There are a cadre of adults who are more than happy to address this topic with them, and perhaps in ways you might not approve.

Seems that the "Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign" has board members who also run Planned Parenthood "how do do it " educational campaigns. So if you have trouble with one of PP's finest teaching your kid how to "take care down there" with various barriers and/or small appliances, then keep a sharp eye out.

Don't forget to teach you kids the Normal, before someone else fills their head with the kink & sick stuff. There's nothing more nauseating than thinking of Planned Parenthood's abortion marketeers advertising to your kid on the cell phone you purchased to keep them safer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are around 28 million teenagers in the United States, just about half of them are sexually active.

Only half of all US teens have discussed sex with their parents (2006 ABC poll).

Which means there's something like 7 million sexually active teenagers in the US who learn about sex from someone other than their parent.

If you have a better idea for reaching those 7 million kids, get going. Time's wasting.

May 14, 2009 at 12:37 AM  

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