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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Real Messiah

The media coverage of Senator Obama has built him up as a messiah to the extent that he appears to believe in himself. He has promised to provide things far beyond the abilities of a U.S. President. Of nationalized health care: "I pay for every dime of it" , and in general, "I will change the world".

Newer information has revealed however, that Obama is not able to address and correct difficulties within his own family. He has been unable, with last year's four million dollar income, to assist some of his more impoverished relatives including George Hussein Onyango Obama, living in a hut near Nairobi, and Auntie Zeituni Onyango, (mentioned in "Dreams from My Father" as a new found family member for whom he felt a connection and responsibility), occupying an apartment in Boston public housing.

Auntie Zeituni attended the senate swearing in ceremony for Obama in 2004, and contributed $260 to his campaign, but has, this past week, been found to be an illegal immigrant, having been denied political asylum. Senator Obama, himself a lawyer, was unable to assist his aunt in this matter.

As of October 31, Obama was not providing a certified copy of his birth certificate for public viewing in order to lay doubts about his own citizenship to rest. The records in Hawaii are sealed.

I suggest to the hopeful followers of Obama that since he is unable to handle rather mundane personal and family matters, there should not be a strong expectation that he can correct the social and financial difficulties of millions of complete strangers.

I recommend that people instead place their faith in Jesus Christ who, when occupying human form, functioned not as a lawyer and politician, but as a carpenter and teacher. Jesus was infinitely more attentive and effective in handling the personal matters of his family and loved ones: healing the sick and feeding the hungry Lk 9:10-17, raising Lazarus from the dead Jn 11:1-44, and resolving 'social security' matters for his mother, even while preoccupied with the extreme pain of crucifixion Jn 19:25-27.

Follow the Real Messiah.


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