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Thursday, October 30, 2008

No CNN in this House, but Campbell Brown can be seen on the Internet complaining about Obama

Seems that Campbell Brown of CNN doesn't appreciate Obama's broken promise concerning his campaign financing. He promised to take matching funds, as McCain did, but changed his mind.

Now, Campbell Brown believes that this is ONLY because Obama thought he could raise more on his own, (using his international resources). However my sources, in their internet wanderings, have obtained another possible reason. It's a good one.

Obama did not take public funds, hence he is more insulated from lawsuits such as the Berg effort, regarding poor quality documentation of his birth in the U.S..
If he had taken public funding, he might have been subject to whistleblower type lawsuits which can afflict any publicly funded organization which misuses the funds or defrauds the government.

Take ACORN and Planned Parenthood for examples.

Also, I might recommend that fellow Catholics find another charity than the U.S. Bishops Campaign for Human Development this November. This organization lists ACORN among its grantees in 2007. Please encourage them towards more legitimate charitable efforts next year by withholding funds this year. Maybe a crisis pregnancy center could use the donation instead.


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