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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Feminists for Palin

I've been noticing in recent years, the Old Feminists (even some who might have qualified as Feminazis, in their younger days), are criticizing the far left view of abortion as a sacrament, a rite of passage, a necessary exercise for feminists.

Governor Palin has accumulated an astonishing gaggle of feminists, even including former officers of NOW, and editors of Ms. Magazine. Many are probably disaffected by Obama's CHOICE of Biden, and his refusal to even consider Hillary as his second in command. Or perhaps they don't like the fact that he talks a good game, but has a lower overall pay scale for his female campaign workers than his males.

Most significantly, these feminists have put abortion on the back burner, in favor of issues involving the LIFE of women. Perhaps they'll one day decide that abortion an excessively cruel means of reducing the ratio of women to men in human society, and use that back burner as an incinerator. At the very least, some of these Old Feminists have been admonishing their younger counterparts to stop LYING, and admit that abortion is murder, premeditatedly killing another human. It's a bold first step.

Listen to Palin's glass ceiling speech, and read Elaine Lafferty (former editor of Ms. Mag) assessing the intellect of our first female VP candidate in 24 years.


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